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Wisardstar is the cat that comes into the Robot and Monster universe.


Wisardstar's personality changes in phases and in each design.


Wisardstar is hyper, kind, and able to yell at anyone. She has the personality of a wise spirit when she's in dream communication.


Wisardstar is hyper, random, and her voice is closer to GIR's. After being asked why she's so random, she usually responds with something like "The cheesecake only knows" and continues to stare at them for a minute after she said that, making her look really creepy (witch she is ^^).


Wisardstar is less hyper, and has a more serious personality. She has a SouthernorsonethinglikethatbecauseIcan'tgetmyaccentsstraightAGH! accent most of the time .


HNI 0022

Wisardstar's G1 design. Her on the left and her IZ form on the right.

Wisardstar is a golden tabby cat sith a silver muzzle, chest, tail tip, and paws. She has blue eyes.


  •  Gart
  • Playing her ukulele
  • Causing Time Holes
  • Sleeping
  • Flying without blimps
  • Singing
  • Making songs on the piano
  • Playing piano
  • Everyone
  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Death
  • Breaking the 4th wall
  • Clawing Gart
  • Talking in a high pitched voice
  • Being happy
  • Gnawing on things like scissors (not the cutting part) and pencil grips ( she once said " I'm a gnawing mammal!" *takes scissors and bites on them* she also chews her pencil eraser while working on math.)
  • Drawing
  • Monster
  • Running
  • Making prophecies
  • Hunting
  • Swimming
  • Archery
  • Daydreaming
  • Swinging


  • The boring lechtures she has to give all the time
  • Flying in blimps. ("It's just so SLOW! Getting a speeding ticket for flying like a snail, Robot? See, it's just too slow.")
  • Bacon
  • Gart
  • Thursdays
  • Wheelie
  • Monkeys
  • Negative numbers
  • Her sister's drawings




Wisardstar and Razz are best friends.


Wisardstar and FLUTTIR never really interacted with each other, but they are good friends.


Wisardstar and Robot are good friends.


Wisardstar and Monster have slighly small interaction with each other, but they're still good friends.


Wisardstar and Gart are best friends *unfitting phrase ^^* and THEY ARE NOT DATING IF YOU STAY THAT I WILL HIT A FRUIT WITH A LITTLE KID'S SPOON.


They haven't had much interaction, but Wisardstar's one of the few people who doesn't mind haveing Ogo in her house. ^^

JD and Spitfire:

They never had much interaction, but Spitfire is one of Wisardstar's friends, making my To-Do List explode because I have over 30 frienships to make.


Wisardstar and Arpa get along, but there have been times when the cat stood up to her.


Wisardstar and Grandma had little interaction.


Wisardstar and Lev don't have much interaction, but they do get along.


Wisardstar and Kuffley never really had any interaction.


Wisardstar and Nessie get along, and they have fun sharing advice.


Wisardstar and Mr. Wheelie don't get along too well.


Plancton and Wisardstar are good friends.


Wisardstar is the official founder of SparkClan, and she and Robotstar visit each other often.


  • As said about, Wisardstar is the creator and founder of Sparkclan.
  • Wisardstar (watch Avatar: The Last Airbender) is a water/firebender.
  • She was made as a cat that is used for any dimention.
  • She was based off of her creator.

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