Spongebob waited for a few minutes before knocking on the purple door in front of him. "Zim? Hello? Zim? Are you there?" He called. He heard rustling in the bushes behind them. "Any luck?" Asked Dib. "By the way, I found your crown. You dropped it. Here." He handed Spongebob the crown. "Dib, do you know how to get in? His door is locked, and there are nuts and screws everywhere." Spongebob motioned towards the rolling and bouncing metal things that wre blocking the way in. "I'm waiting to see who our next Nicktoon will be," Spongebob paused to sniffle, "After Jimmy and Zim left. We need new members that weren't helplessly killed. Danny's practically dead and...." He trailed of with a sad look on his face. "What is i...Oh no!" Dib had a worried look on his face. He knew what was happening. Spongebob was starting to be criticized! If they lost him now, there would be nobody there to take the Gem of Leadership. Timmy might be able to, but who would take the Gem of Destiny? He held his Gem against his chest. Who would take the Gem of Humanity when Zim was gone? Dib turned toward the door. He and Spongebob thought the same thing: Zim is a survivor. His fans have kept him alive. He may come back, but even if he doesn't, he will not be taken away from the Gem. Deep down, he has the strong, caring, heart of a villian. And a heart of a villain can never be killed.

Zim opened his door. He heard many new sounds. He saw signs of a crash. Commercails were playing for something called Sanjay and Craig, something about a boy and a talking snake...was it? Another new series called Robot and Monster had recently gone into crash mode or sleep mode. They had been told about a fifth Nicktoon, but they didn't know who it was. Zim, being a cancled nIcktoon that was tryin g to be revived, decided to look for this Nicktoon. He put on his purple helmet, took out his spider legs and crossed them across his chest, put his camera around his neck, between his pink shirt and red uniform, and stapped his plunger across his back. He put his baseball in his pocket  and his baseball bat in his hand. He opened a box and took out his custom glove, a mechanical hand that he built himself.

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