Name: Victoria Clash                                                              
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This Victoria clash, I may redue the Look I dont know, MAN I SHOULDNT OF MAD HER EYES RED

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Species: Mechanical

Bio: Victoria is from a Nice Family on a farm, she is used to working with cows, and chickens, she was really nice, she tended the Chickens, she played with there family pets, She offered played into the mud, growing up with felt like the odd one out, the black sheep, because her parents, sent her to private school, she was treated differently, because her parents won a scholarship to the Private school for the richiest people. She was treated badly by her peers, because was a farmer, because Victoria would rather play in the Mud, than play with Dolls. After that she was made fun of, Victoria was tooken the city,When she was 13 Where she was treated worst, at her school, She started to get mean, until Victoria began to Fight, she pulled to Millitary school, she left Millitary school when she was 16, She still faught, she dressed badly, Her parents kicked her out, when she turned 18, she moved to another town (where robot and monster live) She began to work, as a bodyguard. She began to act worst, she began a Criminal, She stole, a Tube from Robot and Monster, well as there sofa, until she was caught by the police, for J walking, and then charged more when the police realized it was Robot and Monster's tube and sofa she stole. She was thrown in Jail, thats when she Met Criky, and she fell in love with Criky and they escaped from jail together. They began crime Partners, Victoria haven't had the courage to tell Criky how she felt, scared that Criky might reject her and there partnership might end.

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