witch one of these pouplar user are most likey to betray the wikia i'm noting saying i just want to know!

and the people i'm voting on please do not edit this of who is it!

  1. Invader scipy
She is the founder of the wiki and she is the clever smart one,and i'm sorry but she does makes some crazy comment [I'm sorry to say that scipy but it's true].




[If you look closey you can see my name in orange]

I know that i can be alittle unhonest and i can be alittle crazy but i am one of the first people who came here and the last admin in the wikia.

Background 1


Robopacker is very kind and indeed helpful and is a little crazy when she is mad,but she does have very few enemies  luigi is his only enemy.

Background 3


 he/she or whatever gender or animal you are is barley here [I'm sorry but you are really not here alot] and he is called the uh,Boring one but i don't think your boring,your playful and great at roleplaying.

Background 4

    5.Master carter

      Master carter is just an inturn his just got here likey a week or month ago,but is is calm and run to                       imimates and i likey putting him in my story and is playful and kind and unstangerful.

Master carter 2

and here are the voting!:

The villain

The poll was created at 17:29 on November 4, 2013, and so far 9 people voted.

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