Chapter 1


Gart smiled as he kissed JD, "The way you smile, lights up my day" Gart said. Spitfire, Monster, and Robot bursted in. "JD YOUR MAKING A BIG MISTAKE" Robot yelled. "SHUT UP ROBOT" Gart yelled. "PLEASE ROBOT JUST LEAVE" JD yelled. A Blue and yellow bird watched them. "WHAT IS THAT THING" Monster asked. "WHO ME" bird asked. "Yes you" Monster said. "Names NOYB" The bird said. "NOYB" monster said. "YES IT STANDS FOR NONE OF YOUR BUSSINESS" The bird yelled. "Why are you here" Robot yelled. "I'M HERE!!!!!!!!" Bird yelled. The bird began to glow, it transformed into a huge blue and yellow dragon. "I'm here because i'm disgusting you mechanicals falling in with organics, its horrible with those hybrids Cyborgs. "So i came here to make a land" The dragon yelled. TAKE ORANGICS AND THE MECHICANICALS AND SEPERATED THEM, I HATE HOW SAINT CRISPY BROUGHT YOU TOGETHER WITH BACON" The dragon yelled. "YUCK BACON IS GROSS" he yelled. The dragon swung his tail around. "NAME IS THUNDERCRACKER" Thundercracker yelled. "WE LIKE IT HERE" Robot yelled. "WELL I MAKE A LAND CALLED MECANEIA FOR THE MECHANICALS AND LAND CALLED ORGANIA FOR ORGANICS" Thundercracker yelled. A LARGE FLASH BLEW

Robot woke up, next to gart forgetting everything to do with monster, and Jd. "HEY ROBOT" Gart yelled. "What" Robot said. "YOUR BEST FRINED IS WEIRD, WHY ARE YOU FRIENDS WITH AGAIN, BECAUSE YOU COULD NEVER FIND A REAL FRIEND" Gart yelled. Ogo ran and hugged Robot, "Hey best friend, want to go to the zoo" Ogo asked. "YA SURE THING BUDDY" Robot said. "Want to eat some Ham" Robot asked.

A rock hit town hall sirens with off "ORANGICS ARE ATTACKING!!!!" The prince of scamtown yelled. Arpa came to Gart and Robot. "GART you ok" Arpa asked. "Why are you guys over here, so close to the border" Apra yelled. "WAIT DID YOU GUYS GO OVER THE BORDER" Arpa yelled. "NO NO I WOKE UP HERE" Gart said. "Good because King Gears would be upset, probably throw you guys in jail" Arpa said. A large mechcanical dragon flew down. "KING GEARS" Gart said. "YES GART" Gears said. "DO YOU THINK THE ORANGICS KIND THUNDERCRACKER IS GOING TO ATTACK" Gart asked. "No" Gear said.


This why thundercracker kinda looks like, not my art just looking for a picture of a dragon that was blue and yellow


KING GEARS kinda of looks like i was trying to find a picture that look closer similar to him

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