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DeFault High Society
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    Chapter 1

    Gart smiled as he kissed JD, "The way you smile, lights up my day" Gart said. Spitfire, Monster, and Robot bursted in. "JD YOUR MAKING A BIG MISTAKE" Robot yelled. "SHUT UP ROBOT" Gart yelled. "PLEASE ROBOT JUST LEAVE" JD yelled. A Blue and yellow bird watched them. "WHAT IS THAT THING" Monster asked. "WHO ME" bird asked. "Yes you" Monster said. "Names NOYB" The bird said. "NOYB" monster said. "YES IT STANDS FOR NONE OF YOUR BUSSINESS" The bird yelled. "Why are you here" Robot yelled. "I'M HERE!!!!!!!!" Bird yelled. The bird began to glow, it transformed into a huge blue and yellow dragon. "I'm here because i'm disgusting you mechanicals falling in with organics, its horrible with those hybrids Cyborgs. "So i came here to make a l…

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  • RoboPackers


    Ivy steped into the room. "Here some FREAKING RULES" She yelled, into Robot's face. DON'T TOUCH MY INVENTIONS, DON'T EAT MY BACON, STOP AWNSERING MY CELL PHONE!!!!!!! AND LOOKING ON MY TEXT MESSAGES" she yelled. "AND MONSTER STAY OFF MY BED, YOU CAN BACON CRUMBS ALL OVER IT" she yelled. "Sorry" Robot said. "I'm getting ready for work" she snapped. "Where you working at" Monster asked. "THE FLIPPING LIGHT FACTORY" She yelled. "Wheres the Flipping Light Factory" Monster asked. "Monster I think she means the Blinking Light Factory" Robot said. "No then she would of said the blinking light factory" Monster said. "No crap Robot, and yes Monster I do mean the Blinking Light factory" Ivy yelled. "But Ivy next time, you shoul…

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