Hello Nursebelle23, Nevadabell, PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior, AeonXBorealis, or any other user that's veiwing this. You might be wondering why I used your full user names. I just did that because it was easier to link them and you haven't commented on the blog post yet while I'm writing this. I have thought of two new projects that we can try to work on.

First, based on my Romance Novels and Children blogs, I have made the project:

Children Harvest

This project is where we each take at least one child from the children I drew from requests and name him/her. Then, we give him/her a personality. We also try to make "Junk Shippings" for each pairing that has children, but no ship. (Junk Shippings: Ships made as a joke or just to be there, not to exist in actual stories, for example: Robot and Mecha, Sophie and Monster, Monny and Ogo, or Monster and Gart (romance, for joke purposes, not true homosexual romance) etc.)


  • Each pairing has two children, one male and one female, that are made from a request. You cannot request more children.
  • Child requests are not taken from this blog post, they are taken under the Children blog post (linked and metioned above).
  • Other than that, there are no rules, except for the rules that apply to everything you post here (See: Rules).

Children in ownership:

  • Gart and Mecha's children (prototypes) (owened by Nursebelle23) (you know who you are, unless you have a really bad memory or don't know how to veiw your username, but I think all of you know your username)
    HNI 0019 (2)

    Not yours, Nursebelle's

  • Gizmo's daughter (aslo Grandma's daughter) (owned by Invader Scipy) (you can take their son)
    HNI 0022 (2)

    Gizmo and Grandma's daughter, right, and their son, left.

More  children that get taken will be added here.

Second, based off of my Children blog post and my unwritten theories, a family tree will be made, organizing each person's characters, and then everyone will put their fanfic together into one family tree. All characters must be linked. If there is no page for one of the characters, don't link it unless it's a canon character.

Questions and requests for ownership of a child go in the comments.

Invader Scipy, signing off!

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