Time for the new project....Romance Novels! This is where you pick ANY romance shipping, ANYTHING that you like, and write a story about it. This is done every year to write a story for all story-less or low-story ships. The rules are:

  • The story must be at least 3 5-sentence paragraphs.
  • The story cannot be longer than 3 "chapters" with twenty sentences each.
  • If it is not a canon ship or your own fanon ship, read the page first and do not write a story where the shipping is completely changed.
  • Do not put in memories from the shipping unless they are significant events (first date, breaking up, etc..) or within 5 days of the time the story takes place in.
  • Don't write something like this: "A 10-year-old Gart walked down the road, remembering the time when JD broke up with him." (Even though it happened 20 years in the FUTURE), this means that you can't have a character remember events that happen in the future.
  • If you don't want anyone to use your shipping, please mark the top of the page with this message: "Please do not use this for Romance Novels. Thank you!" and sign your signature at the end. All ships will be allowed, even if they are something that another user owns, so you will have to mark yours to protect it.
  • If you want to be in this, please comment on the bottom. When you have chosen your ship, tell me on my message wall.
  • If you chose to write multiple Romance Novels, make sure that they are each used for a different ship, and tell me the different ships you use.
  • You can only write 3 different Romance Novels,.
  • Stories must be labeled with the name of the ship and the words "Romance Novel." For example: PAGR/Romance Novel, just take out PAGR and add in your ship.
  • You cannot write a Romance Novel for your own ships. If they are marked so that they cannot be used, they get no Romance Novel. Now you might want to think twice about marking. No exceptions.
  • Friendship ships are excepted, but romance ships are preferred. If you do chose a friendship, title it the same way you would with a romance ship. (RAMF/Romance Novel, MAGF/Romance Novel, etc.)
  • Pairings with people as enemies (like RAGE) are not excepted.
  • Theories that are categorized as ships will not be excepted. THEY ARE NOT TRUE SHIPS, JUST GUESSED SHIPS.


  • MAGF was a reference to the one-hundred thousand MAGR's. We do have one MAGR on this site however MAGR is not its true name (Gecha).
  • The two significant events used as examples were from the beginning of Gecha and the end of GAJR.
  • Don't sue me for using Gecha, I was only doing references.
  • I AM NOT A VANDAL! It's Scipy......(and the answers aren't written in my textbooks) (talk) 12:36, April 28, 2013 (UTC)
  • This is for fun and for the sake of having stories for your ships, don't get too protective.
  • Don't sue people for using your ship, cause that's kinda the point of this project. (writing for ships so they can have more stories)
  • This blog will be re-written every year, so come back here to look at the rules and see if I happened to forget something.
  • I used source mode to check the spelling, so there should be no spelling errors.
  • I STILL don't know where Gart got his name.
  • It seems like I'm only talking to two or three people (Waterball56 and Nursebelle23, possibly German Otaku Person).
  • We still need more users.
  • I'm going to talk to myself in poetry.
  • Lots of these extras are unrelated to this project and are pretty pointless (including this one).
  • This is the first time I'm doing this project.

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