I have been a founder of three wikis, as you may not know, but those who do know about my creatoins, as I wil call them here for no specific reason, know I have been on SMLNGTBPMNFVG Wiki, and also here. I'd assume you'd be wondering Where's the third? It has not been very active lately, but soon it will be ready.

Now, as most people would, I asume you have questions.

Can I create an OC?

Of course you can! I've tried my best for freedom, but all fanfiction shall be kept as a blog, or otherwise roleplaying on the talk pages. This roleplaying style is preferd to be same as that of NightClan Roleplaying Wiki.

Can I Create a page?

Perhaps....If you ask me first. Or, if you see red links, you may create the page for the link. If unfirmiliar with the term of that red link, you may leave the page creating to me or ask me. It is strongly accepted that you add any categorie you feel are nessecary.

What is it like?

Comments have been disbabled on articles but everything else is enabled. Achievements still need photos and any user is alowed to contribute, unless they are vandalizing or not alowed by Wikia. But how would they be tere in the first place? XD Chat is definitley alowed. You may recive a message about editing your userpage. The limit is PG-13.

Are there requirements for becoming staff?

Staff are promoted after A: Showing clear understanding of the rules and terms, making at least 30 edits, and being friendly, B: Demonstarting the ability to use Source mode, know what categories are necessary, use capitals properly unless using al caps to be funny, and showing knowledge of the rating systemand and how to use it, making colorful userboxes and templetes from memory, and making at least 50 edits for proof of these abilities, or C: Demonstrating clear prophecy finding and translating

Can I be linked?

If I didn't show you where it was, how would this blog be useful. I'll link you right now!

I have offered to become in an aliance with this wiki, as well as any other personal wikis or wikis you have founded.

Currently, my other two wikis are the only ones in this aliance.

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