The users are barely editing on here, if you look at them as one giant community. Nevadabell is doing fine. AeonXBorealis has written a few blogs and messages, which is good, but where are the characters, shippings, and most importantly: STORIES! Nursebelle23 is testing, and I get that, but I haven't seen her in a long time. She's made a few characters, one shipping, but there are still no stories. I compare her pages to the Irken Empire wiki, where the pages have the history, which is fine, but the characters/shippings aren't used in stories, so the characters and shippings are the stories. PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior hasn't been on in a while. Probably testing. I've finished my tests. Well, most of them. Ave1997 was supposed to write GAJR, but she hasn't yet. The early people are inactive, so it's just the five mentioned above that are considered users right now. We need more people! I've written a prologue for Nursebelle23, and a GAJR vanlentine's special, and soon I'll write RAGR. Has anyone seen Ave1997, Nursebelle23, or PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior? If you notice that I call everyone by their full username, it's because I don't know what to call them, so please tell me what to call you in this blog's comments. Where are the characters? Don't we want to see what will happen to Robot? Monster? Gart? Mecha? Creature? Victor? Mavis? Sophie? Scipy? FLUTTIR? Razz? Goldpaw? Neonpaw? Lucy? Everyone?

PerryRcks- Wolf Warrior, your welcome to use any and all of my characters.

If we stop Global warming, we stop Global Dimming, and then...we die! But if we don't stop Global Warming, we eventually die. And even if we survive that, the Sun will eventually blow up. And that means....VICTORY FOR ZIM! Oh no! (talk) 12:09, May 26, 2013 (UTC)

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