aka Aeon-Borealis

  • I was born on November 9
  • I am female
  • AeonXBorealis

    I don't mean to be rude or anything, but the bright yellow backgrounds in the formatting is extremely jarring and unpleasant...Please darken the yellow or change it to a more neutral color. 

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  • AeonXBorealis

    "The Argus Butterfly" has been, in a sense, a collaborative effort between Cartuneslover16 and I. Though, it's not quite a collaborative effort in the classic sense. The core idea and concept are, indisputably, the brainchildren of Cartunes: Within the story, Robot's biological mother is Nicole Watterson from the Amazing World of Gumball. Eventually, Cartunes intends to write her own version of how this strange scenario plays out and amasses to. So, "The Argus Butterfly" is actually one of two potential stories. Why I call the effort collaborative, though, is that Cartunes and I have brainstormed and, a few times, she's proofread sections of the story and given me advice on how to proceed. I hope to do the same for her when she writes her …

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