CHAPTER 2                                                                                                      

The lava dragon Lavazar

Something missing                          

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Gart began to feel weird, "Gart you ok" Robot asked. "I just feel weird like i'm missing something" Gart said. Robot turned around, and stared at the Citadel. "I feel that way too" Robot said. Gears flew to the border, Thundercracker was at the border. "DISGUSTING MECHANICAL!"

Suno the Sun god dragon

Thundercracker snapped. Gears roared loud, standed on his hind legs. "JUST REMEBER KEEP YOUR PEOPLE OFF MY BORDER, I WILL KEEP MINE OFF YOUR BORDER"

ThunderCracker yelled. "I am true to my word" he added. "I will Pray  to Suno and Luna you do"  Gears said. "Dont forgot Lavazar, and Ocea" Thundercracker yelled. "How could I" Gears said. Gears flew off.

Robot went to the park, "Heh,Hey Spitfire" Robot said. "What is it?" Spitfire asked. "I was wonder if you want to go Ham shop with me and Ogo" Robot asked. "Whatever, Sure why not" Spitfire said. Robot and Ogo rode with Spitfire. "Have you ever wonder what its like" Robot siad. "What are you talking about" Spitfire said. "Cross the border is like" Robot said. Spitfire stoped, driving, "ROBOT YOU CANT TALK LIKE THAT NOT HERE OR IN PUBLIC"

Luna the moon dragon she female Suno male, Lavazar male and Ocea is female

Spitfire snapped. "Just wondering" Robot said. "Well your wondering is going to get us in alot of trouble" Spitfire said. "Which I like, lets talk  on crime street" Spitfire said. "Guys this going to get ulgy" Ogo said. They rode off down to crime street and drove in a ally. "Ok whats the plan" Spitfire asked. " Lets go tonight, around midnight"  Robot said. "Around where" Someone asked. Criky appeared from around the corner. "Were going across the Border" Ogo said. "OGO!!" Spitfire and Robot yelled. Criky came closer "Across the border, you know i could get some good amount of cash, turning you guys in" Criky said. Robot, Spitfire, and Ogo gluped. "But  want to come" Criky said. "WHAT!!" Robot yelled.  "Yes" Criky said. "Ok" Robot said.

Robot stepped around the border. "Hey what you are doing" Perry yelled. "SHHHH" Spitfire said. "Smiles tone down before i break you" Criky yelled. "I'm coming, i hate it here" Perry said.  

Chapter 3


Ocea ocean god dragon

Spitfire turned her head, but her a Cracking noise, to her surprise there sound came from a Turretgon. The Small Mechanical dragons smaller than Robot, had their eyes locked on them.  "Oh no" Spitfire gluped. Robot turned to Spitfire. "What is it" he asked. Spitfire froze "Dont look now, but were being followed" She said. Robot turned to the small creatures, that were a Pack of 20, there teeth were sharp and rotating around like a drill. "Hello Officers" Robot said. The leader walked from the Pack. "Why are you here" he asked. Robot came closer to the Turretgon leader. "We were taking a walk" Robot replied. The turretgon leader flung his self in front of robot, nearly smashing into Robot. "SO CLOSE TO THE BORDER!" Turretgon leader screeched. Robot nodded his head. "In a group" Turretgon leader snapped. Robot nodded his head again. The turretgon leader walked back to the the other turretgons.  "I'll like to take you in for some questions" He said. Robot gluped, his eyes widden. "RUN!" Spitfire yelled. Everyone began to run. "I love a good chase" The Turretgon leader said. The turretgon wings came out, their wings were duel, they were also their turret guns as well as there wings. "Fire!" Their leader yelled.  "AHHHHH" Robot yelled. They ran arcoss the border. The turretgon stopped. "Sir why are we stopping" One of the men asked. "We can't cross Organic land" The leader replied. "Its law, and it will cause a war" he said again. "Lark in the shadows" Spitfire said. "Why" Ogo asked. "Idiot" Criky replied. Perry sighed. "Because were Mechanical remeber, were not allowed over here"  Robot said. Bunch of Orangic dragons marched down the streets.  "Hide" robot said. They hide down the alley. Robot bumped into Spitfire, "Opps sorry" he said. A organic child stared at them "We've been Spotted" Robot said. "Oh my gosh, An Mechanical" she said. "Hi I'm Ogo, this Robot, this Criky, and this Spitfire" Ogo said. The organic, stepped back and waved. "I'm Globhita" She said. She smiled at them. "My daddy told me Mechanicals were evil Creatures, to stay away from them, but he was wrong, there also cute" she said., she waved to Robot. Robot gluped, "We just looking around" Spitfire said. She turned his head. "You better watch out then, because if JD finds you guys here, she will beat you" Globhita said. "That name seems fimilar" Spitfire said. "Ya I know" Robot replied.

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