Name: ThunderCracker

Race: Orangic, Dragon electric dragon

Gender: Male                 ThunzardVoltz industries 19:09, June 29, 2013 (UTC)

Age: 1000

Bio: He is a Evil Dragon who lives in robot and Monster's world, he lives in the wild beyond their City Limits, in a fobbiden place, where the towns people not allow to go, he sits on the highiest peak, watching, and hating, the orangics and Mechanicals living together. He thinks it horrible, and wrong for them to be together, so he changed it, made sperates them, making him KING OF THE ORANGICS,  PLACING THE ONLY MECHANICAL DRAGON THAT HE SEEN WORTHY OF BEING A KING. He tried keep Robot and Monster away from each other, during that stage, because if people see them together, it might reverse Thundercracker's Spell, and make The Orangics and Mechanicals realize this city is all an illusion, that there not at war with each other.

Facts: Reason why the land was fobbiden, was not because Thundercracker lived there, it was because A portal broke out there, it realized creatures from another demieons, (POKEMON) and thats how Crystaline got their, because she fell into the demison from the void, and jumped into the portal that leaked into Robot and Monster's world, Crystaline does play with pokemon, so she is fimilar with their mechanics.

fact: 2 The land its really called The Forbidden Land, Any one who step across the border would be thrown in jail, The Forbidden is extremly beatiful,


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