She barely ever left her house. She rarely spoke, and when she did, it never really had any emotion. She never introduced herself, and everyone guessed why, and what her name was. She was evil once, but then thier leader changed her. Some say that's why she never said her name. Eventualy, they began to call her Navy Line. No one knows if this was her real name, but she never said anything about it. She was different, definitely. Most ponies in the kingdom had powers. Everyone questioned if she was even capable of using magic, after all, she was a unicorn. They all questioned her because she never did anything, she just occasionaly spoke. That is, until the day she saved them all.

Meistenia was walking with Navy Line, wearing a small badge that read Higher Ranked Citizen. It wasn't for her, but for Navy Line. "So, I'm thinking of promoting you. You seem capable of handling the job. What do you think?" She asked. "I don't mind. But I don't need it." Navy Line replied. "This'll also show the other ponies you do have powers." Meistenia told her. "I don't mind what other ponies think." Navy Line said. "Ok." Meistenia nodded.

Suddenly, the two heard a noise from behind them. They turned around to see a monster, it was chasing them, and it was heading for the kingdom. It looked like a monkey, but it was made of metal, and it was wearing a red shirt.

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