Chapter 1

this is different from my crystaline storys


The Party



The Party                                                                                                                             

Crystaline walked up to Robot, "So can I come to your family's party, I would like to meet them" Crystaline said. Robot eyes widen, "My family are uptight" Robot said. Crystaline smiled, "I can be uptight" Crystaline said. "Oh Please, you" Robot said. Robot placed his hand on Crystaline's shoulder. "Oi Trash dont touch my shoulder" Crystaline said. "Uptight enough for you" Robot came closer to Crystaline, "Ok, you can come" Robot said. "Remeber dont act happy" Robot said. Crystaline sat on the sofa, drinking bacon fizz. "When am I ever" She siad.

It was time for the Party, "Mother this is Crystaline" Robot said. "Its nice to meet you" Crystaline said. "Are you uh Robot's girlfriend" Arpa asked. "What no" Crystaline said. "Where is the food" Crystaline asked. "Over there" Robot asked. Crystaline Grabed a cup. Crystaline actidently dropped it, breaking it, "CRYSTALINE!" Robot said. "I will pick it up"  Crystaline said. "LET ME HELP YOU" Robot said. Robot and Crystaline began to pick pieces of broken glass up, Crystaline looked into Robot's eyes, Robot started to feel weird, Robot reach over was about to place his hand on Crystaline's cheek. "CRYSTALINE" Apra yelled. "I would like you to meet my Son gart" Arpa said. Gart stared into Crystaline's eye. "H-H-Hi, so beatiful" Gart said. "Excuse me" Crystaline said. "GART!" Robot yelled. Gart began to get closer to Crystaline, Crystaline stepped away. The contuince this until Crystaline was against a wall. Gart placed his hand on Crystaline's cheek and kissed him her. Robot rushed over and shoved Gart, "Get away from her" Robot yelled. "ROBOT" Arpa yelled. Crystaline, steped away. Crystaline pressed against robot, "Let go of me" Robot said. "Sorry" crystaline said. Gart shoved Robot, and grabed Crystaline's hand. "So beatiful, I never seen, such a cute girl, with such pretty eyes, your collor, kiss me again" Gart said. Gart lean in for another kiss, Crystaline Slamed her head down headbutting, Gart on his head, "GET AWAY FROM ME" Crystaline screamed.

"Ow, my head" Gart said. "GET HER OUT OF HERE" Gart said. The guard came down and grab Crystaline. "Let me go" she yelled. Crystaline faught the Gaurds, defecting them.  "I dont you Gart"?

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