May 28th

I've arrived at my destenation! At last! Sadly Scipy and the Talest are no longer comunicating. I'm on my own now. I'm not worried, I can fight without using my PAK, and FLUTTIR will be with me too.  I can't wait to meet people! They'll be fun to talk with...if we can talk.

I moved into an apartment below some crepy stalker named Ogo, I'm terrified that he's watching my base O_O, and there's an optimist named Monster, a big, purple, well..Monster. I've suspected that he and Ogo are-- are-- DON'T MAKE ME SAY THIS FILTH!! Then there's Robot. He doesn't speak sign language, so FLUTTIR had to translate.

I have a job at the Blinking Light Factory. The boss is mean, his name is Gart. I belive he's Robot's brother. We have to stare at lights all day. Gart would be good at the army. So would Crikey, a bully, JD, and Spitfire. I fought Crikey today. It was pretty easy.

July 6th

Today I finally got brought back by my creator. YESSSSSS!!!! Now, I must get back to the mission. I wonder what's on the Tube. Oh, it's a show called That's Amazing! Next is Ow! That Hurts. Now I think I'll go gather data and find good soldiers. I love the night! <3

July 7th

I've found another good soldier: Mr. Kuffley! Gart has an awesome blimp. Li'l Lugnuts might work too. I can also get a howling cyber monkey. And someone named Bob, and a lady with three pets. I'll try planning a battle strategy.

August 14th

Today, I have a feeling I'm going to be called. Scipy says she'll need me to make cameos. I wanted to test my skills, so I decided to go on Ow! That Hurts with Gart.  We made it pretty far, until Gart started being lazy and that rock crushed him. I made it out unharmed. I couldn't answer the questions, sinice I can't talk, but I dodged all attacks. We won, and I had FLUTTIR tell Gart "Don't be selfish and keep this all for yourself, I'm going to give it all to charity!" Not the typical thing for an Invader to say, but I still wanted to. I've recruited Crikey and his twin cousin, Blimey.  Scipy says "Meist'll have your next universe ready once you get us some soldiers there" today on the phone. It turns out she's never really sleeping, and when she is, she's walking around as her spirit.

August 16th

Crikey and I started planning a break-in. We'd then kidnap some workers, recruit them, and then tell Scipy. The mission was going really good. Soon, we'd have an army.

April 4th

Turns out I.Scipy forgot about this entire dimension, but now she's back and ready to finish this. Me and Crikey are ready to break in, kidnap some of Gart's workers, and recruit soldiers. I've been waiting for Scipy to call me, but she never does. All I do is stare at lights. LIIIIIIIIGHTS! It's boring. I'm an Irken Invader! I don't deserve to be bored!

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