This is a book I've been working on. I decided to type it here instead of writing it on drawing paper. Because on here I can fix the spelling errors. Gurt and A walked down the road (inserts spoiler). Oxygen-poor blood isn't blue (talk)

Prologue: The Dream

Gart winced as a cold blade struck his head. Someone was fighting him. He looked up to see a blue Mechanical standing over him.  It was his grandmother. A fiery body hit him from behind.  He looked over his shoulder to see his mother, her red glow blinding him. Once a great leader of the cliffs, now defeated. He tried to fight back, but it was no use. His hat fell over his eyes, and, tripping on his tattered cape, he fell over the edge, hearing the last scolds from his mother that he would ever here.
Gart felt pain in his face. He was unable to see anything. He tried to scream, but he couldn't even move his mouth. I'm dying he thought, my leadership ends now. He could tell that there were people around him, but the weren't paying him any attention, as if he were just a torn painting (think about that. A torn painting). He heard gasps and a wail that seemed very close, but he couldn't make out any words. There was screaming from two voices, one seeming very familiar. He felt the ground shake, and assumed that this was an earthquake. After all, he had just fallen of a cliff in and into an area where earthquakes occur.
Gart awoke to see a red, but not fiery, Mechanical. "Gart, the time has come for you to prove your destiny. Tell The Secret! TELL THE SECRET!" It said. Then, Gart fell unconsious, feeling the begining of death.
"Tell the secret...Tell the secret....Ignore what the security says and TELL THE SECRET" Gart murmured. Saddness struck him, and he fekt like his body was drooping. not drooping. he thought. dropping. Then he murmured his last words, "dropping.....into rain."
"Gart! Wake up!" someone called to him, but it was too late. He allready felt death crawling over him like a shadow crawls over a fence...

Chapter 1: 1's, 0's, and Gart

Apra shook Gart harder, trying to wake him up. He kept on murmuring "Tell the secret....tell the secret..." How can I wake him up to watch my mother if he won't stop sleeping?! She thought. "1-1-0-1-0-0-1-1!" Snapped Grandma. "Hang on, Mother, I'm getting hm up!" she snapped back. "1-1-0-0." Gart was still asleep. arpa didn't know if she'd wake him up in time. Maybe she should just give up.. No! Waking up wasn't that important, anyway. "Wake up, Gart!" she yelled.

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