Like every other day, Gart and Monster worked and liked it. Today, however, felt different. At the end of the day, Gart discovered a room.  It had thick stone walls. He tried to find a way out, but there were no openings. A lantern dropped on his head, and soon he couldn't remember how he got in. He was trapped! No food, no water, no money, NOTHING.
After two days it was too much. He tried desperatley to break through the wall. He tried screaming for help; he was always a good screamer. Nobody heard him. He had no idea about the work going on in the factory. He was afraid that there was chaos. He banged on the walls and sobbed. "Let me out! Please let me out!"
After a week something new happened. Monster open the room as if he had known it during his childhood. "Gart?" He stepped in and pulled Gart into a hug. "I thought I felt someone in here." "How did you know?" Gart whispered. "I knew it during my childhood. Me and Robot used to stay here." He picked up the lantern on the floor revealing a cot and closet put in the room. "You saved my life," Gart said, hugging Monster. "Yeah.." he replied. Gart leaned forward and Monster did the same. They kissed for a few seconds, and then Gart let go of Monster and snapped, "Get back to work!"

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