This is the current staff for this wiki. If you want to become a staff member, contact Scipy.

HNI 0010

We are the high society!

(Active) means they are active and (Inactive) means they are not active.

Admins and Bureaucrats

Invader Scipy (Active, Founder)

CalzoneManiac (Active, Bureaucrat)

CommanderPeepers (Active)

Toadpr (Inactive)

These are the Robot and Monster Fan Police Force!

Chat Moderators and Rollbacks

AeonXBorealis (Inactive)

Unofficial Staff

Some have been promoted and some are still normal users, but none are official admins or chatmods.

They are junior high society members, studying for leadership.

PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior (promoted to rollback and chatmod even though chatmods are pretty much useless because nobody goes into chat)

Blocked or Warned Users

Waterball56 (notice for swearing, swearing in chat, and insulting other users.)

Blocked or warned. Do not bring this up.

RoboPackers (notice for vandalism but you can have a noticed or warned chatmod here.) See: Punishments

Luigimaronmario (blocked for editing pages wthout permission and removing comments)

Retired Staff

Nursebelle23 (change picked up June 28th)

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