Screenshot from 'Between Brothers'

A background character I have nicknamed 'Sophie'. She is a light purple Organic with yellow pigtails. She is seen wearing purple/white stripped clothing, as well as the same colored pigtail holders. It is presumed she is in a relationship with a yellow organic with glasses and horns, since in the episode 'Litter Bug', they were shown to be getting married.

It is also presumed that she is the only female character that works at the Blinking Lights Factory, seeing all the other characters in the factory working are men.


  • She is also nicknamed Plancton by Invader Scipy, thus giving her three personalities: Invader Scipy 's, mine, and the unnamed canon.

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    • Go ahead and continue until Gart crosses the border. Then I'll add in the next few lines and you can do the RPing for Sophie.
    • OK. :) Gart: Since when were YOU the boss of me, Robot? Robot: *facepalms* Ugh.

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