Snow Gearswork
Snow Gearswork =IMG 2126
Some attributes
Name Snow Gearswork Steelrixskaleeia
Age 28
Favorite Food Bacon
Pensonality She gets very scared easily. She never likes to go out of her home to much.
Color Blue and White
Race Mechanical
Wealth poor
Friends Robot

Monster Perry TimeWorks

Enemies Crikey
Love Interest Draken
Jobs Model, Nurse at the doctor office
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
GrandMother Draken
Grandfather Unknown
Other Family Unknown
Hobbies Modeling, she Loves to bake
Others Unknown

Name: Snow 

Middle name: GearsWorks

Last Name: Steelrixskaleeia

Gender: Female

Race: Mechanical


She lived in a cold mountain, she had a tribe when she 7, but her family was shun, so they started to stop with the Tribe life, she went to Robot and Monster's town, when she turned 28 after she came back from being in College for a Doctor, she is also A model too, She has a Scottish accent This link will show the ACCENTS THERE 21 THERE PRETTY GOOD, She is kind


She is kind and gentle sweet heart, She is Very Shy, if you start talking to her, she will open up to you, But one thing important to know about her, That she is Very Cowardly,  she able to be the cold for sometimes.

Relationships with People

Robot: Kind of a mix emotions, sometimes she doesnt like him, and sometimes she enjoys his company

Monster: Great Friends, used to be friends, Monster kissed her, she didnt like him as a boyfriend, so she smacked her, which caused a twist in there relationship.

Gart: He stalks her from Work, everyday, because he loves her, she works at the doctor office

Arpa: Never seen her, but her greatly of by Gart

Perry: He likes her because she fixed her Gears in his Face, so he can stop smiling

Criky: She hates him, but he likes her

Crystaline Packers: Too different, She Cowardly and Crystaline's Brave and ruthless their Rivals, there like Oil and Water

Victoria Clash: Hates her the Worst because Criky Likes her, Victoria offen punchs Snow for no reason

Ogo: Has a  deep Crush on her, It gets where Ogo starts to Pick Fights with Gart, Criky, and Monster, and sometimes Perry.

Gears default: Hasn't been Born

Catas Trophes: There like really good friends, there like sisters,

Range Arrows: There Really good friends, there like sisters as well,

Adderess: No Meant



Light blue skin, Blue around the eyes,, long White hair, she also, has black and white french like sweater, she wheres long black pants, with black shoes,     


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