Name: Serpentwind

Rank: Warrior

Mentor: Paperclaw/Bronzejewl

Apprentices: Neonpaw

Origin: Robot and Monster>Aired Episode>Model Citizen>Bea Holder


Serpentwind is a purple she-cat. She has small fangs and long eyelashes. She is larger than Runningfire but smaller than Largewater.


She is a friendly cat. She used to be a little mean, but she is now very nice.


  • She is the only cat with Bea Holder in their origin.
  • Strangely, she has no other form. She used to have another form of Bea Holder when she was an apprentice.
  • She is her creator's favorite cat out of her set. The others are Litterfoot, Justiceclaw, Beautyfall, Modeltail, and Copyfur.
    • Bronzejewl and Paperclaw are actually from a different set.

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