The inactiveness was maddening. Nobody was in the chatroom. Ever. Two users remained fairly inactive, while a third had dissapeard completely. A crazy, but still pretty normal, student, Invader Scipy, watched as her home was slowly deserted.  Her cat, Wisardstar, stood beside her. It was toughest for the deviantART transfered OCs, and they too were tired of the inactiveness. Scipy knew that there was still a chance, and she watched as the two dA transfers walked over to Plancton, or Sophie, it was the hard way to keep track. Razz and FLUTTIR had gone on a break, and they were mostly on IZSF. Scipy held the only clue to inactiveness, one of Izzy's last messages:

Nursebelle23 xD I feel alright right now, but I'm attacked with testing so I won't be on until school is over...hope that's okay

Loading editor21:14, May 4, 2013

There were two others that were inactive, AeonXBorealis and PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior. The last user they had, CalzoneManiac, was given admin rights, and the only other editor besides Scipy. The only person who had no ownership of charaters yet was Aeon. PerryRocks had 1/2 a character, Izzy had 2 1/2, which seems strange, most gave her a solid 3 or 2, but the 2 was because people considered a whole character 1/2, but the 1/2 on the official number came from an adopted half, not a natural half. By the way, if you're reading this, 1/2 only meabns they're another part or version or form of the character, the do not have a separate body. ^^ Nevadabell owned 3, but Scipy knew she had a few more than that,  he just hadn't posted them yet. She had about 12 1/2 herself, and counting. Fine! You want the  character listing? I'll give you it...later.
Is the bold off? Good. So I can continue writing.
The new border between Wikia and deviantART stood in front of them. Nevadabell and his two OCs stood toghether. Nevadabell's signature canon character, Lucy, was with them. SparkClan gathered near Scipy. Aeon and PerryRocks had no signature canon character yet. Scipy's signature canon character, Arpa, came next to her. The Genderswaps gathered behind her. Robot and Monster stood with Dennis and Sophie, while Perry, Ogo, JD, and Spitfire clustered together with the rest of the canon characters. Everyone was chattering about what they were going to do. It was easy, but everyone was scared about the safetey of the two OCs, and the 1/2 OC with them, that wre going to cross the border. O, being Gart himself, and Izzy's signature canon character, gave Aeon and the two OCs cloaks and supplies, and Aeon kept hers as a spare cloak, because she woudn't need it. Scipy walked up to each OC and bowed, wishing them good luck. The Aeon took them across the border.
After getting the next ten messages and catching her in chat three times, seeing her create pages and getting an email, and promoting her to an admin, Scipy knew Izzy was alive. She called back Aeon and the transfers, who hadn't been noticed at all.  The end. Now go away, I'm done! *is hit by sledgehammer* Be the first one to sa you did that, and you win a...a...nothing...nevermind.

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