(Monster,robot,toadpr,robopackers,and invader scipy is watching the toon).

Guy on the new:We are live here today for a giant one-eyed creature!

[People take camera out and take pictures of monsaur as he growls].

Zoo keeper:Please no cameras!

[Monsaur gets angry and try to rib the cage bars].

Monster:I think they should listen to the keeper!


Robot:Here comes the good part!

Invader scipy:Are they crazy!

Robo packer:It would be funny if monsaur ate some one.

Toadpr:How would it be funny?

Robo packers:I dunno.

Guy on the new: going to be an amazing thing to be here people!

Monsaur:Roooar![Ribs the cage open and eat the guy on the news].

Guy on the new:I was not seeing this!

(All of them scream but robo packers​ who laugh).




Invader scipy:Oh my god!

Robo packers:Haha!

(People on the toon scream and run and getting eating by monsaur).

Ogo:Hi guys!

(All scream).

Robot:Oh it's just ogo!

Toadpr:You really should knock!

Invader scipy:What now?

Ogo:Did you see that creature on the toon creepy itn't it?

Monster:I would think...........maybe.

Robo packers:Ogo we're busy screaming!

Ogo:But we're safe with me!

(Hugs them).

Toadpr:Please stop hugging me!

Robo packers:This group hug is hurting me!

Invader scipy:This hug been going for so long!

Robot:Enough hugging,we have to move some where or that crazy monster is going to kill us!

(The wall broke monsaur grabs ogo).

Ogo:Don't just stand Hele ME!

Toadpr:IT GOT OGO!



Robo packers:Ah!

Invader scipy:Wait a minute! we don't even like the freak!

Toadpr:I think your going some where with this!

Robo packers:Let's just help him then!

(Monsaur eats ogo whole).

Monster:It ate ogo!

Invader scipy:Again,we didn't even like ogo!

Robot:Well i have to agree with scipy with!

Monster:But he's still like a friend to me!

Robo packers:This is the point where it gets ugly.

[Monsaur almost grabs robot everyone exits the room].


Invader scipy:[Monsaur's fist almost hits her she frontflips to dodge] Too easy!

Robo packers:Comes boys run like your life is on the line,WITCH IT IS!!

Robot:I'm running as fast as i can!

[Toadpr runs quickly].

Robo packers:Come on run like toad!

Robot:Stop rushing me!!!


[They finally run down stair but gets stopped by mr.wheelie].

Monster:Hey mr.wheelie!

Invader scipy:What now mr.wheelie?

Mr.Wheelie:Rent's today,pay me!

Toadpr:But it's Thusday the rent is in another 2 weeks.

Mr.Wheelie:Change of plans it's today.

Robot:Mr.wheelie,we don't have time,haven't have all day the news say a 30 feet monsaur is on the loose,it ate ogo,almost grabbed me,scipy here dodge a few giant punch from the monster,witch was pretty awesome,and now you want us to pay rent in a time like this!?

[Mr.wheelie groans].

Mr.wheelie:Fine but,your rent is double next time.

Toad:[Whrispers]That's 500 dollars. 

Invader scipy:[Running with the rest of the gang]Bye mr.wheelie your heart's full of evil good bye!

Monster:Now let's get in the blimp before-.

[Monsaur Roar on front of them].

Robot:[Whrispers]Everyone if we slowy get in the blimp and just-.


Invader scipy:GET THE HECK IN THE CAR!!!

[Scipy throws toad in the blimp and pushes monster in it and shovels robot on the first seat].

Robo packer:Comes faster,faster!

Robot:Going on 4 miles.

[The blimp move slightly faster].

Invader scipy:Come one,your driving like a granny!

Robot:This is the fastest i can go!

Scipy:Never mind i'll just high drive it.

Robot:Please,i think you need to seat down and-.

[The blimp goes faster].



Monster:This is fun!!!


[Everyone screamr then the blimp goes slow again now everyone is quite].

(Toadpr opens his eyes)

Toadpr:Are we dead?

Robot:No something slowed down.

Robopackers:Are we're out of gas, dumb dumb.

Invader scipy:Oh,no.


Invader scipy:We have company!

(A bunch of police blimp surround their blimp)

Police 1:Alright freeze punks!

Robo packers:we didn't do anything!!!!

Toadpr:OH NO!!!

Scipy:We'll never give up!

Police 2:So be it!

[The police starts rocks at them]


Police:I know,we need guns or something.

Robot:[Whrisper]Someone make an distraction

Robopacker:Hey guys chase him!

[Points to luigi].

Luigi:Huh me?

Robopackers:He killed someone!!!

Luigi:No,i didn't!

Police:Alright guy let's get the murder.


Police 3:Don't let him escape.

[The police chase luigi away]

Monster:Good job.

Invader scipy:Thanks for the distraction.

Toadpr:Nice work.

Robot:Nice job for you!

Master carter:Nice job for the distraction you guys,and you are awsome robopackers.

Robo packers:Oh it was nothin.


Master carter:Now,what are we doing?

All:When did you get here?

Master Carter:My house blew up.


(They are driving then the bilmp falls)


Monster:What's going on!?

Robo:We're out of gas!

Toadpr:Wasn't we out of gas earlier.

Robot:No,We was low.

Master Carter:I'm too young to die!

Invader Scipy:Same here!

Robo:Good bye cruel world!

(The Blimp's parachute turns on).

Robot:(Slowy opens eyes) your alive?

Robo:I guess we are.

Master ​Carter:Horray!

Toadpr:But how do we get down?

(They are half-way to the ground)

Invader Scipy:Oh come on!

Monster:How about we use something as a parachute.

(They all look around for something to use).

Master Carter:(Picks up a diaper) What the-.

Monster:(Snitchs the diaper from him) Oh this is min-,I mean.......Marf's!

(Marf is at the damaged bolcany).

Marf:(Confused) Marf?

Robot:I find a boot (Shows the dirty boot).

Robo:What we're going to do?,Slam our way to the ground?

Robot:Point taking.

Monster:I have a pla,but it's really gross!

(The scene changes to invader scipy holding monster's tonuge)

Invader Scipy:It's a good thing i'm wearing gloves!

Monster:(Jumps off the blimp almost touches the ground).

Robot:I hope this works.

Monster:(Slurred) Now.

Master Carter:(Slides the monster's tonuge)

Robot:(Slides' down)YAHHH!

Toadpr:(Slides down) Ew,It feels gooey!

Robo:(Slides down) Moist.

Invader Scipy:Here i go! (Jumps down and lands on robot).


Monster:(Put his tonuge back in his mouth) hmm,Taste like feet.

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