Romeo and Gurtstun are the children of Gart and Plancton. Gurtstun is a female organic who's appearance is similar to her mother, while Romeo is a male mechanical who looks similar to his father's brother.


Age: 7

Eye Color: Yellow

Occupation: Future owner of the Blinking Light Factory


Age: 8

Eye Color: The typical black

Occupation: Pole-O player


Romeo is a color swap of Robot. His metal is a very light bronze/gold color, and around his eyes, his hands and any other usually black places are purple. Like Robot, his eyes are yellow, and his pupils are black. his front hatch is the same color as Gart's, with a purple lowercase R. He is shorter than Globitha, but taller than Loudmouth.

Gurtstun is a color swap of her mother. Her skin is still light purple. Her hat and dress are a leopard pattern (originally the same pattern as her mother's).


These children are usually happy. Romeo's seems a bit of a mix of Robot, Gart, Spitfire, and JD. Gurtstun's is similar to Monster's, Globitha's, and JD's.


Romeo and Gurstun play Pole-O. Plancton and Gart adopted the kids on the Pole-O teams (minus Globitha) after Bad News Baconears.  Globitha comes to train with the Pole-O team and they play Pole-O games. Plancton and Gart are very good friends and parents. Monster and Robot are also there a lot. They come to about half of the practices. JD and Spitfire are also their friends. Since Plancton is Monster's younger sister (in I.Scipy's POV), that makes Globitha their aunt.

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