• [A ship crash lands on the planet of blinking light]
  • Ogo C3-po:Oh my how can this happen!
  • SD-F2:[That's spitfire]Oh you worry too much i think it's very fine!
  • [Darth gart walks in and throw a rebel out the window]
  • Darth Gart:I love killing people,i mean take the princess!
  • [Stormtroopers Mechanicals take princess J.D].
  • SD-F2:We have to get out of here.
  • [They take the two droids away on a espcape pod]
  • Stormtrooper:Sir this ship is from an planet called bacon-con there's where she lives.
  • Darth Gart:I don't care get someone else who cares.
  • Grand Loudmouth:I'M SOMEONE WHO CARES!
  • Stormtrooper:uhh okay!.

[The two droids are being solded to from a garage sale]

SD-F2:Are we dead?

Ogo-P0:What happen?[The two robots see what's happen].

Ogo-P0:We're being sold!?

SD-F2:I hope lucy wan kenobi save us!

Ogo-P0:Maybe so,but i will not gave up hope!

Guy:[Throws a pipe at ogo-po]Shut up robots!

SD-F2:Men i just want to hurt him!

Ogo-P0:I agree!


Ogo-P0:Don't tell me you have to explode again,That's the third time this week i will have to fix you,you should lay off the exploding bacon bolts.

SD-F2:No,not that,I'm getting a transmission from outer space.

[A blue light comes out of her eyes the a hologram]

???:Help me lucy wan kenobi your my only hope,Help me lucy-wan-kenobi your my only hope,Help me lucy wan kenobi your my only hope![The hologram turns off].

SD-F2:That hologram was blurry i couldn't even see it.

Ogo-P0:Me needer.

[The scene change to a dome house somewhere].

Robot SkyWalker:Uncle can i have some money to buy stuff.

His Uncle:Sure,you knuckle-head.

Robot:Thanks uncle!

Uncle:Sure you little brat!


Antie:Are you sure you should give him all that money?

Uncle:Don't worry i'd gave him enough money to buy a new house,so that he wouldn't come back!

Antie:Nice idea!

[Luke walks across a garage sale]

Ogo-P0:Oh at least we may be sold to some nice young man!

Ogo-P0:And there someone!

Robot:Can i buy a robot? 

Stranger:Sure witch one?

Robot:The weird one and the tall golden one!

Ogo-P0:Well it's time to go good bye old friend!

SD-F2:Good bye ogo-po!

Robot:[Walks away with ogo and some other small robot].

Ogo-P0:Hello robot i'm ogo-po i know 505 languages!

Robot:Nice to meet-,Wait you know my name?

Ogo-P0:I know everything!

Robot:Cool-.[The other robot crackles and falls apart].

Ogo-P0:Uh-oh,he short-circled.

Robot:[Walks to a dawa]Hey,what are you trying to sell here!

Dawa:I did not know that would happen!

Ogo-P0:I'm sure[Points to Sd-fd]that robot is in excellent candiskion!

Robot:I'll take it!


[They are walking in the desert]

SD-F2:This is actually kind of nice.

Ogo-PO:Yes it's Warm and nice.

Robot:[Hears strange noise]Did you hear something?

Ogo-PO:Hear what?

SD-F2:I think i hear something over there!

[Robot gets electriced]

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