chapter 1

NAME THE CHANGE                    RoboPackers (talk) 14:07, June 13, 2013 (UTC)                                                                                         

Warrior cat,

"Ow my head" Robot said. Robot looked down at his feet. This eye widen, "my wheels!" he snapped. Jumping up, robot began to pace back and forward. "How" he asked himself. Robot Fixed his yellow eyes, on a tree branch. The leaves crunched as someone walked on them. Robot flipped back, "Wha is that, thhhing" he said.
"Oh a cute little kitty" someone said. Picking Robot up from the ground. "Mommy, i found a cat" the little girl said. She was about the age of 9.
"Put that disgusting creature away, thats cat wild" The mom said. The Mom picked up Robot and threw him into a bush.
Robot hissed at them. "THAT WASN'T VERY NICE" Robot yelled. Robot turned his head and walked away. "MONSTER!" Robot yelled. turning his head side to side. "MONSTER!" he repeated.
"Ya?" Monster said. "Do i know you" Monster asked.
"Its me Robot, we changed into weird creatures" Robot said..
Monster signed in relief "Thank goodness, I found you, I was getting worried" Monster said. "AND HUNGRY" Monster said.
"I feel weird" Robot said. Something driven Robot mad. Robot chased down a mouse and pounced on it, biting down on the creatures head.
"ROBOT!?" Monster said. Monster knocked Robot off the mouse, "Dont its just a poor little thing" Monster looked at Robot. "Why"
Robot turned his head. "I couldnt help myself it felt like i was supposed to" Robot said. Robot tried to pick up the mouse but was stoped by Monster. Monster took the mouse from Robot's mouth and placed on the ground.
"Be free" Monster said. The mouse didnt move, "Oh your just resting" Monster said.
"Monster" Robot said.
"Not now Robot, cant you see he's sleeping"
"What is it Robot?" Monster said
"Hes dead" Robot said,
"Your lying" Monster yelled. tears rolling down his face.
Robot signed and turned around, "Believe if you want" Robot said.
"Hello" Someone said. A cat walked by "What am i" he said.
"Who are you?" Monster asked, walking up to him.
"Names Gart default" Gart said. "I'm lost, and i dont know what i am" he added.
walking closer to them.
"I dont either, its me Robot, and Monster" Robot said. Robot picked up the mouse holding in his jaws. Jumping up on to a rock.
"Robot" Gart said, Gart knocked Robot from the rock, as he laughed.
A group of Cats, walked closer to them. "Hey" one yelled.
"Drop that mouse" another said Robot droped the mouse on to the ground. "I'm sorry" he said. "Were new here, we dont know anything, we dont have a place to stay" Robot said.
"Kittypet" Someone snapped. They to claw robot in the face. Robot dodge and knocked him to the ground.
"A well fighter" A orange pelted cat said. "Names Firestar" Firestar said. "Why dont you and your friends join us" He added.
"Sure" Robot said. They went to Thunderclan camp.
"This is Thunderclan" Firestar said.
"We will give you new names" Brambleclaw said.
"My name is Robot , this is Monster, and My older brother Gart" Robot said.
"Well Robot your name will be, Orangefur, Monster will be Eveningshadow, and gart will be Goldglaze" Firestar said.

Fight For a Night Chapter 2

ThunzardVoltz industries 12:43, June 18, 2013 (UTC)

Orangefur locked eyes with Ferntail, "Hello i'm Ro-


Orangefur" Orangefur said. 

"Well hello, Ro-Orangefur" Ferntail said. She giggled, grasp Orangefur's tail with paw.

"No just Orangefur" Orangefur said. He smiled and flicked his tail, smirking as Ferntail grabed to grasp it again. Ferntail jumped on to a rock, and grasp Orangefur's tail in his jaws. Orangefur wailed in pain, Ferntail jumped back "I'm so sorry" She said, lowering her head, "didn't mean to hurt you, I just get little carried away sometimes" Ferntail said.

"Oh no problem" Orangefur said. Orangefur smiled, his smile turned into a frown, when he saw a hurt cat limping into the clan. Orangefur rushed to the cat. "Why is he smil-Per-Perry" Orangefur said. Orangefur walked around the wounded Cat. "Perry is that you" Orangefur said. A short grunt came from the cat.

"Ya" The cat said.  Limping and turning his head as the cats stared at him. 'WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT" He yelled. "I have a face problem it sticks" Perry yelled.

"What happened" Orangefur asked.

"Attack by a cats who called them selfs  ShadowClan, Almost got hit by a car" Perry said.

"What is a car is like a monster" Firestar asked. "And who are you"

"He's with us" Orangefur asked.

"Ok, well Perry if you stay with us you will be now known as Lucklives" Firestar said.

"Is that an insult" Lucklives said.

"No" Firestar said.

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