"Hello, ladies and gentalmen, and welcome to another episode of.... OW! That Hurts!" Snap Winsome began, the crowd joining in as he said the title."Today, we have two very specail guests, but we'll get to that later. Now, as you all know, there will be three rounds of challenges. We have two VERY special challenges planned for our first two days. And now, please welcome our first team: The wonderful, the famous, the evil I.Scipy and her wondeful creation, Razz!" A spotlight lit up the right side of the rom, revealing a tall girl with medium-length reddish-brown hair and blue eyes. She wore a long, blue and green dress, and a blue and green hat. And a blue Organic with yellow hair, a blue jacket, and a red dress under her jacket. I.Scipy waved to the crowd, while Razz smiled. "Please welcome, Team Invaders!" Snap Winsome said to the crowd. The crowd was mostly silent, because I.Scipy was there, execpt for Plancton and Perry. "And now, competeing against these two, the all powerful Robo, and her extremly overpowered OC Crystaline!" A spolight lit up the other side of the room, revealing a girl and a pink robot. Robo was typing something on her cell phone, while Crystaline threw a stick at Snap, who ducked, and threw it back. It hit Robo on the head, who by then was done typing, because the stick was moving incredibly slow. Then, Robo picked up the stick, turned it into a soda can, and threw it at I.Scipy. It exploded on her and Razz, soaking them. "Ah! It burns!" Razz screamed, running around the platform. I.Scipy only laughed and said "Robo, I'll draw you your Robot and Monster OC later." "And... that is... Team Charcoal!" Snap Winsome said, staring at Razz, who was still screaming. The crowd cheered, except for Robot, who was too busy staring at Crystaline. "And now we begin Round 1, after this short commercial break."

Round 1- Episode 1

"And for our first event, we have, The Banana Battle!" Snap Winsome snapped his fingers, revealing both teams on either side of the room, each with a box of bananas. The crowd cheered. "Each team has 15 mintues to defeat the other. Ready? Set? GO!" Snap snapped his fingers, and a timer started. I.Scipy waited for Razz to do something, while Robo and Crystaline grabbed bananas and threw them at Razz. Razz jumped and spun in the air, throwing three bananas. They each knocked Robo into the next one. Razz laughed evily, until Robo picked up the entire box of bananas and threw it at Razz. I.Scipy looked over at Razz, then turned to Robo and took out her wand, waved it, and in a flash of black smoke she looked like a student from Harry Potter. She then turned some bananas into a pie, and threw it at Robo, hitting her in the face. While I.Scipy was distraced by levitating a banana in circles, Crystaline picked up some smashed bananas off of the floor, rolled them into a ball, and threw it at I.Scipy, knocking her out. "AND TEAM CHARCOAL WINS!" Snao Winsome cheered. The crowd cheered "Charcoal! Charcoal!" Robo was walking around in circles, trying to find her way around with a pie on her face, while Crystaline waved to the crowd. "So, do you have anything to say to the audience?" Snap asked, holding the microphone out to Crystaline. "Yeah. I have to say, creators are pretty stupid if they can be defeated that easily." She laughed, and the crowd started yelling. "Robo is NOT stupid!" yelled Victoria Clash. "I.Scipy is perfectly intelligent!" Plancton shouted. "You're a Mary Sue!" said a random person who hated Crystaline because he was a stupid troll. "YOU'RE A STUPID TROLL!" Robo shouted back. But all you could her was "MMMFF MMMMMM MMFFF!" "Er... And with that, you can go home. Join us tommorrow for Round 2!" Snap Winsome waved. The crowd left, execpt for the stupid troll, and the lights went out.

"Now, Mr. 6672, will you please get I.Scipy off of my floor?" Snap Winsome asked. The stupid troll, or 6672, muttered some swear words and started dragging I.Scipy away by her foot.

Round 2 - Episode 1

The audience that day was Victoria, Plancton, Perry, Robot, Monster, JD, Spitfire, Toad, Ogo, 6672, and The Prince of Scamtown. The lights turned on revealing Snap Winsome and the two teams. "Welcome, Ladies and gentalmen, to another round of....." "OW! THAT HURTS!" Cheered the crowd. "Now, for today's round, or contestants will-" Snap was cut of by Gart running past him and to Crystaline. "Crystaline, will you marry me?" He asked. "What?!" Robot called from the audience. "You can't marry her! She loves me!" "Mary Sue!" 6672 shouted. He was hit in the face with a banana flavored pie. "Nonsense Robot, I can." said Gart. "No you can't!" Robot came out of his seat, and tackled Gart. "I choose who I marry!" Crystaline shouted. She slapped Gart across the room. "Let's see who can destroy them first!" yelled Perry, pointing at Robot and Gart. "Yeah!" 6672 and Victoria agreed. "Ok!" said Snap Winsome. Razz ran over to Gart and started kicking him. I.Scipy and Robo both ran over to Robot. Robot tried to slap Robo, but accidentally hit I.Scipy. I.Scipy then picked up Robot, atached him to a ping-pong paddleby his antenna, and slammed him into the wall. "25, 26, 47..." She counted. By the time she reached 200 (although she skipped ahead a few times) she and Razz had destroyed Gart and Robot. "And team Invaders wins!" Snap Winsome announced. I.Scipy spun around in circles while Razz smiled evily, holding up a destroyed Gart.

Round 3- Episode 1

"And today, we have our final round, the race through the tunnel. The teams must race trough this tunnel, while being chased by a giant bolder, and answer three questions along the way." Snap Winsome announced. The teams were lined up at the staring line, ready to run. "Ready? Set? GOOOOO!" Snap shouted. The two teams ran into the tunnel.

"Okay, Team Charcoal, are you ready for your first question?" Snap Winsome asked. "Yeah!" They said. "Okay, your question is, Who does Ogo have a crush on?" Crystaline said "How am I supposed to know that?!" while Robo simply replied "Robot and Monster." "Okay, you may pass." Snap Winsome said, letting them through.

I.Scipy and Razz had reached thier first question. "Okay, Team Invaders, you're question is, Who is this purple jester that fell out of the sky?" Snap Winsome said, holding up Dimentio. "It's Dimentio!" I.Scipy quickly answered. "Wrong! The mayor has decided that his name is Marf!" Snap said. "But he's not Marf, he's-" I.Scipy was cut off by the metal ceiling crushing her and Razz, because they answered wrong.

Robo and Crystaline reached thier second question. Snap Winsome said to them, "Okay, here's your second  question, Who is I.Scipy's favorite character on the Robot and Monster fan fiction wiki?" And with that, Robo said "This is too hard," took her 3DS out of her pocket, and started playing Pokemon. Crystaline facepalmed. "How are we supposed to know that?!" She yelled. "It's Mecha!" I.Scipy snapped, throwing a soda can at Robo. "And that's revenge from Razz!" "Okay... So I guess I'll have to let you both through." Snap Winsome said. Both teams continued.

I.Scipy sat down and stopped running. "I'm tired. I'm not running anymore." She said. Razz sighed and started dragging I.Scipy through the tunnel.

Robo and Crystaline reached their final question. "Your last question is.... How fast could a Tiger Beetle run if it was a human?" Snap said. Crystaline broke a stick and started swearing, and Robo answered "480 to 500 miles per hour." "Correct!" Snap Winsome cheered. Robo and Crystaline ran ahead and reached the end of the tunnel.

Razz came out of the tunnel minutes later dragging I.Scipy by the foot. "And there's team Invaders. Now let's her it for our winners: Team Charcoal!" Snap Winsome announced. The crowd cheered. Robo jumped up and down cheering "We won! We won!" I.Scipy did the same thing except she was saying "We lost! We lost!" She was somehow exicted about losing. Then, Toad entered the room by breaking the wall while riding on Asylus. "And what are you doing here?" Snap Winsome asked. "I'm here to destroy you because you insulted Robo's character." Toad replied. Asylus and Toad chased Snap Winsome around the room. While running and screaming, Snap managed to say "GoodbyeI'llseeyounexttime."

If you would like to be in the next episode with your character, simply comment below and I'll add you.

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