Name: Range Arrows                                                                                                          
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Closer picture to Range, because i made her up to look like Raven from my dragon dogma

age: 21                                       in the picture she in middle i find a better picture of her later


species: Orangic

bio: Range Arrows was a normal girl, who lived in a village, until she was attack by a dragon, after she was choosen by the dragon, her companions, Grievous and Eris and Beryl, She found she was a princess, when she went to the captil,
Raven Range

Better picture of Range,

chased down by lord everonth's men. The lord everonth's mechanical second in command Dreadwing, captured her, when lord everonth trained her to fight, after escaping she changed her look, and help fight off the dragon, where she fleed from the lord everonth, she with to robot and monster's world where she met Ogo, and fell in love with him.

This character is based off of my Dragon dogma player   Raven   

Range's famous fire sword, hmmm .... The sword called Eden's Warden the cloths she wearing is the Captains armor set


Range's sheild Pose

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