Monster: Robot?

Robot: Yeah?

Monster: Why are you staring at me?

Robot: I'm not.

Monster: Yes you are, look! *points to wiki background*


Toad: Wrong fandom. We're not Mario.

Scipy: Oh Dinosaur!

Plancton: Anyone want meat?

Gurtstun: I'm a vegetable, I don't eat meat.

Scipy: I with I could RP with a canon character.

Howling Cyber Monkey: *joins chat*

Scipy: Ahh!

Robo: *looking through binoculars* See them yet?

Scipy: *also using binoculars* Nope. I don't think they'll come yet.

Toad: Hi guys!

Scipy and Robo: Ahh!

Toad: Roar?

Scipy and Robo: Ohhhhh! It's you

Uncle Kuffley: That's a pretty dangerous criminal out there. It's a good thing I have my Rainbow Dash.

Crikey: Ah! Ranbows!

Rainbow Dash: I'm Awesome!

Robo: We need to warn him.

Scipy: Let's tell an admin!

Robo: We are the admins...

Robo: They're not here.

Scipy: Is 'he' one of them.

Toad: Who?

Scipy: *whispers the names to Toad*

Robo: We dare not speak those names! Now you must face the marshmellow of the volcano! asxfcvgbh! Spam is scary! You hate spam! You are allergic to spam!

Scipy and Toad: OMG!! AHHHH!!

Scipy and Robo: *RPing in PM*

Scipy: *enters main chat with a frying pan on her head*

Toad: What's that from?

Scipy: The roleplay.

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