Plancton is not an OC, but a background character given a name (even if it's not her actual name), a personality, and an actual life instead of this: walk. say minor line. walk out of room. work. eat. enter room and then disappear from scene.


Plancton is a nice, protective, and intelligent Organic. Her personally fits her career well since she has a part-time job as a nurse.


  • PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior has nicknamed her Sophie, giving her three personalities (canon, mine, and PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior's version)
  • She has a part-time job as a nurse and a part-time job as a award-hander-outer-girl.
  • Her name was randomly picked, and it is spelled "Plancton" so we don't get her confused with Plankton.
  • Pictures coming soon guys! I got none now!

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    • Go ahead and continue until Gart crosses the border. Then I'll add in the next few lines and you can do the RPing for Sophie.
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