Chapter 1

Ogo the stalking slender robot has always been under robot's wing, always being rejected but not anymore... Ogo was right out side robot and monster's house

"I'm ready..."

He step in only to be stopped by Mr. Wheelie

"and... What do you think your doing!"

Ogo spoke

"killing you!"

Ogo took a hammer bashed Mr. Wheelie he began to sodomize Mr. Wheelie with his peny

"Now for a monstrous entrained"

Ogo went to monster's bed and began to drill his head

"No...NO... Crikey..." Monster said in a dream sleeping

Ogo began to sodomize him and shot him, Monster was dead

"it was fun monster... But I gotta go!"

then he enter robot's room he was sleeping with JD

Ogo then proceeded to sodomize JD and shot her then ate her body

"Mmm... I've always loved sea food"

then Ogo turned to robot

and proceeded to put the house on fire and left

he put out the fire and sat on the coach and took a massive shit on it

"Ha ha shitty talk" he said

as he piled shit all over the freaking coach

"sorry for ruining your childhood sex man"

as he broke the photos from monster's childhood


Chapter 2

Ogo after killing his best friends, cleaned up the bodies and hid them in closet and headed for gart's house, gart had a pretty little fancy cottage

"Time to kill this guy for making my dead friends suffer and shall forever be cursed with gread

gart was chilling on his coach when suddenly Ogo bursted through the door naked full speed and began to have force sex with gart

after that Ogo shot gart 5x times in the head and drowned him

"time for spitfireeeeeee"

then Ogo went to spitfire's house

and proceeded to give her lemonade

"Ogo this is... great... How'd you make it...?"

"Ohhhh... The answer is simple my pee!"

spitfire vomited and starting having a period all ogre Ogo

Ogo left town having and giving sex to everybody in town even robot's mom

Ogo decided to go out of his world and into a different world... Earth

Chapter 3

Ogo saw a little boy and shot him, and had sex with him and took a shit all over him as he said "Mommy!" as Ogo raped his Mom's asshole inside-out.

The little boy took Ogo's Gun and shot Ogo in the head as he fell down and died.


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