Monster wasn't there, Gart was at work, Robot was also at work, Ogo was... stalking them at work, Perry was at work, Spitfire was racing with Mr. Wheelie, Arpa was busy, Crikey was in jail, Uncle Kuffley was guarding the jail, Grandma was destroying something, Lev was doing something Hornica related, Globitha was also stalking Robot, and the background characters were being fought over by various creators. JD hoped someone would answer her soon. She wanted to know if anyone would help her find the mysterious theif that had robbed the Makin' Bacon. Nessie was always there, so she borrowed a monopod to ask her what was going on.

"Nessie, do you know who stole your bacon? Did you see anything?" She asked. "Well, I think it was Crikey. He came in, and all I saw was his eyes. There was something moving, that must've been him! Then, he punched me and I never saw anything else. When I woke up, the alarms were going off, the lights had turned on, the door was open, the place was a wreck, and the bacon was gone." "But Crikey was arrested before the crime, hmm..." JD replied. "I'm telling you, it was him," Nessie called as she left.

When she arrived at the prison, Spitfire was there, so she didn't have to use the monopod anymore. The Organic who had given it to her came back to get it later. JD left a few dollars in the car. "Why are you here, Miss JD?" Kuffley asked. "I would like to see Crikey." she said. Kuffley led her down a few hallways and stuff and then they arrived at Crikey's cell. "Crikey, Nessie says you stole the bacon, but you were arrested before the crime. Explain." she commanded. "Well, it wasn't me who stole it, it was another young lady called Crystaline. She went into the Makin' Bacon, and using that smart little brain of hers, she cut the power. Then, she went in and took all the bacon. She turned that alarm on and smashed right through the door. I know how a crime was done when I see one. I just need a picture in the newspaper." JD needed to ask Crystaline a few questions. "C'mon, Spitfire, lets go," she said.

They arrived in the chatroom, but nobody was there. "Maybe they're in IZSF, let's go check their PM!" said Spitfire.

When they arrived at the PM, I.Scipy greeted them with her catchphrase she never uses. "Oh hey guys. Welcome to my PM, how can I help you?" "GUYS SOMEONE STOLE THE BACON, ALL OF IT!" Nessie yelled as they entered. "That's why we're here. We would like to get a portal, so we can see Crystaline. " Spitfire said. "Why her?" Nessie asked. "Crikey says she stole it." JD replied. "Okay, but why a portal?" Nessie wondered. "She's Robo's character, that's why," JD said. Crystaline then appeared, sitting down and eating an apple. "Crystaline! We need to talk." JD said. "Ya. GREAT TO SEE MY GOOD FRIENDS OF ROBOT AND MONSTER," She replied, hugging Spitfire and giving a warm smile. "Crikey says you stole the bacon." JD told her. "What? Why would I steal Bacon? I'm not a fan of Bacon. I wish apples. " she replied. "It was probably Razz." "Okay. We'll go out of PM to ask her. We might be back." "Ok i'll be here, Eating my Apple and Practing my Kaiju form" Crystaline said. JD and Spitfire left to ask Razz.


Razz waved as they came up. FLUTTIR wasn't there. Actualy, nobody is really here today except the suspects and the other people who are needed. "Hey, Razz, guess what? Crystaline said you stole the bacon! Is that true?" Spitfire said. Razz shook her head. "Then who did it?" she asked. JD handed Razz some paper. "Here. So you can write." she said with a smile. Range Arrows did it. Go ask her. she wrote. JD hopped on Spitfire and they went back to the PM.

"We're back. We need to speak to Range." JD said. Range shot an arrow at a target. "Razz says you stole bacon." JD said as she approached her. "Why does she say that?" Range asked. "Can you tell us if it was true or not?" JD asked. "Do I look like I would steal Bacon?!" she snapped. "No.. But who did?" Spitfire said. "It might be Ogo." Range replied.


JD knocked on Ogo's door. "So, let me guess, you think I stole the bacon? Well let me tell you this, it was Snow. I saw her on my camera!" Ogo told them. They went back into PM to talk to Snow.

"Snow, we need to talk!" JD said. "Yes JD," Snow said. "Did you steal bacon?" JD asked. "What wh-why wo-would I do that?" Snow said.

She was getting scared. "I'll take that as a no. Who would?" Spitfire asked. She took a few steps back. "Do you know who stole it?" JD asked. She turned away. "NO I DO NOT!" she ran off. She was hiding behind a tree. "You're supposed to blame Luigi." I.Scipy said. "It's Luigi" Snow said. "Then let's go find him!" JD and Spitfire rode off.

Luigi was reading a book. "Snow says you stole bacon!" JD said.

"Who me?" "Well, did you?" asked Spitfire.


"Who did?"


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