Monny is the genderswapped version of Monster.     
HNI 0088

Monny, with Golabith in the background.

Name by: Dipry

Appearance by: Me, c'mon, I'm the OC designer for us.


Monny is a kind, optimistic Organic. She is always trying to make others happy, especialy Robby. She enjoys reading and eating cake. She also likes to write about nature.


Monny is a purple Organic with a body shaped like Monster's. She has long, messy blue hair with two horns poking out of it. She wears a lime green dress. She also has glasses.


  • She watches birds, and was the one who git them brought to genderswap. If she didn't have that trait, no birds would exist.
  • She is far more peaceful than Monster, mainly due to the fact that the personalities got changed.
  • Her horns were accidentally kept during the gender switch prosses, and her lips were also accidentally removed.

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