Monsaur is the biggest and meanest monster of all of them he scares fear in his one eye,he's even enough to scare Crikey

THE WORLD'S MOST terrifying thing in history 

He is the mostly terrifyig thing in history next to None and can eat a whole school bus in only two bites,and he is a 75 feet monster and weight 20,000 pounds and can shoot lasers from his eye and his seech can destory a whole block, and it can unstand english language.and it can throw mountains off the earth and can destory just about anything,and it can crust army allies.


Mosaur as a kid

Monsaur as a kid

He as a child he did ated just  about anythiing he can find and can also have a strong attacks to kill an enemy in one hit,he also can use a mega fire ball blast to destory when the age  of 100 [A parody of 10] it can also bite hard as a truck i half,

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