Name: Moneypaw

Rank: Apprentice

Mentor: Litterfoot

Origin: Robot and Monster>>Dirty Money>Monster


Moneypaw a mostly purple tomcat. His right front paw is green and white,striped. He is about the size of Mimeface.


Moneypaw is very kind and generous. He often worries about people who lost something, and always tries to get it back to them.


  • Like almost all apprentices, his warrior name was pre-planned.
    • His warrior name will be Moneyfoot.
      • Moneyheart or Moneyfall would have been better names
  • He is one of the first four cats from an unaired episode. The other four are Brokenpaw, Goldpaw, and Neonpaw.
  • His creator misspelled his name as Moneyfur in the appearance section, but it was taken out while she was editing the page.

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