Chapter 1 Bad luck in a new place 2

Catas Trophes moved into an apartment. See walked into a resretant, grabed order a meal, The meal came late, "I hate cold meals" she complained. "STOP COMPLAINING,  WE HAVE LOT OF BUSINESS" The waitor snapped.  "There only 2 people here" Catas said. Catas grabed her fortune cookie, "Please give me a good one" Catas said, to the fortune cookie. Catas opened the Fortune cooie. "Everyone is laughing behind your back but your misfortune worstens" Catas said. Catas poped the fortune cookie into her mouth and began to crunch on it. Catas payed for her meal, and left. Catas began to work at the blinking light factory today. She walked, down the street. Catas bumped into somone. "Oi watch it" Criky snapped. "Sorry" Catas said. Criky shoved Catas, "Next time watch where your going Freak or a will pound you " Criky said. "Not much of a man" Catas said, as she walked away. "What did you say" Criky yelled. Criky punched Catas in the mouth. "See, A real man wouldnt punch a women" Catas said. Criky tried to punch Catas again. "Than i'm not a real man" Criky snapped. Catas ran off, getting chased by Criky alway to the blinking light factory. "Your LATE" Gart yelled. "Sorry, I was chased down her" She siad. "Look at my face does it look like a care" Gart snapped. Catas got her hand stuck in convayer belt, "Scrap" she yelled. "Let me go" she yelled.

Chapter 2

Bad luck, I love it

"Help" Catas cried. Someone grabed her and pulled her out, she flung back and landed on the ground. "bad luck?" Someone said. "Yes, all the time" Catas said. "Names Perry" Perry said. "Hey why dont you come with me to the Makin Bacon, my treat I pay" Perry added. Catas smiled, Better than Ramen Koi, the chinsese restruant i went to" Catas said. "What?!" Perry said. "Nothing" Catas said. "Oh my name Catas, Catas trophes" Catas said. "Wow, perry got a girlfriend" Robot said. "SHUT UP ROBOT" Perry snapped. "I dont like you" he said. "WHAT!?" Catas said. "No, no no I like you, I dont like Robot" Perry said. After work, Perry took her to the bacon making, "This stuff is good" She said. Perry leaned in closer to her, "Ya" he said. Perry leaned in closer and tried to kiss her. "What are you doing" She said. "Oh sorry" Perry said. Catas grabed perry head and kissed him. "So do I have a Boyfriend" she said. Perry laughed "Sure do" Perry said. Perry grabed her hand, "Our Bad luck, just turned Good" Perry said. They started to kiss, "Look Perry got a girlfriend" Monster said.  Perry nudged Catas, and nuggled her. "Some I would like to Meet your parents" Perry said. "Really, tonight" Catas said. "Ya sure" Perry said, as he kissed her goodbye.

It was 7pm, "Hello Sir" Perry said. "Its Jack Trophes,but you call me Mr. Trophes" Jack snapped. "Sorry Mr. Trophes" Perry said. "Mrs. uh" Perry said. "Clarabell trophes, You call Mrs. Trophes" She snapped. "The creepy Smile" Jack said. "Father stop it" Catas snapped. "So what Do you like about my daughter" Jack asked. "Well, sh-sh she is pretty, smart, she makes me feel speical" Perry said. "I can related to her" Perry said. "How" Jack said. "She has bad luck, I have Bad luck" Perry said. "Its true I really Love him" Catas said.

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