Mickayla also known as "Macky" is a 15 year old human girl that appeared in the episode "human friend" She lives with her uncle Steven in the human world . Mickayla is close friends with Robot and Monster and thinks their really cool guys to hang out with , she cares about how some people mistreat Robot , for example his brother Gart his mom ,grandma whom she seems to dislike because of their abuse towards her friend also she's not impressed with Lucy either whom she finds annoying . Mickayla doesn't seem to mind Ogo that much since he hardly bothers her , she finds him quiet amusing and funny even though she's aware of his stalking and obsession towards the duo and the other known characters she gets along with . Mickayla's friends Robot Monster Marf Ogo and Perry later moved in with her and her uncle in their world Mickayla is a very amazing inventor and has extreme child prodigy she can even fix things very well for she's very skilled, she sees good things in Robot and Monster and is always there to help them or hang out with them , they also like her because of her antics and respectful headstrong ways.


Mackayla has tan skin ,brown eyes , purplish black hair , she wears a white button up blouse with some sparkle sliver lining on it with blue jeans sometimes her shoes are either golden strap shoes or just sneakers


she's kind ,respectful at times , feisty , sweet , headstrong , and intelligent She can also be revengeful for her friends and will get back on their enemies


Robot : Mickayla and Robot are good friends , she respects him and always encourages him are on things Robot sees Mickayla as a good friend and impressed by humanity because of her and wants to know more about it . Mickayla feels bad on how Robot's family treats him and stands up for Robot she would mostly stand up for him , they are pretty much good companions

Monster: the two get along okay Mickayla likes Monster's happy personality and thinks he's funny and sweet they have like a brotherly sister relationship

Ogo:Mickayla doesn't mind Ogo she thinks he's funny he doesn't cling on to her as he does with Robot and Monster they're good friends Mickayla would even hug him

Mr.Wheelie(at times): Mickayla isn't treated badly by the land lord Mr. Wheelie pretty much doesn't mind her and nice to her

Spitfire:best girl-friends

JD: best girl-friends

Marf: Mickayla thinks he's cute

Perry : definitely likes her because she manage to fix his endless smile for she's extremely good at fixing mechanical things and other stuff Mickayla likes Perry as well they're also good friends

Other characters:gets along with the good guy characters at times

Steven Undersen: they love each other greatly although Steven often worries about his niece when she along with her friends get into danger he tries his best to be a good guardian and has a few stress problems


Gart: Mickayla doesn't like how Gart treats Robot and thinks he's rather arrogant , selfish and considers him as a jerk

Lucy: Mickayla thinks she's annoying and a stuck up and will try to help Robot beat her at something

Criky : hates him and his cruelty

Arpa: like Gart hates the abuse that her friend Robot has to put up with

Grandma Default : Finds her confusing

Anyone who is a jerk to her friends

Amy Sonner (human world school rival): Mickayla can't stand her arch-nemesis Amy a girl in the human world. Amy always gets under Mickayla's skin , and Mickayla often threatens to pound her , despite of Amy being a little scared of Mickayla when it comes to fighting (for Amy is the weakest fighter ) she still picks on Mickayla .


"Hey hi my name is Mickayla Undersen but my folks call me Macky"

"I'm new here in the monster robot world I transfered here with my Transfer bracelet , yeah not a good name but what the heck"

"Robot ,Monster! what's kicking guys ?"

(After being asked where are her parents ) "my parents well I dunno I never knew them i was raised by my uncle Steven "

"Hey jerks leave my friends alone !"

"You guys are cool i like you guys "

"I'm strange and unusual myself "

(To Perry ) "are you always ........happy?"

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