Starring a major appearance of my character Taylor, who is used for role-plays, Invader Zim (cameos, mostly), and anything else I need him for.

Another normal day. Robot was working on a new invention. "I call it.. A DOOR!" he announced. (I got this part from Monsters Inc.) "We already have a door, Robot." his friend told him. "Oh, but this is a special door. It was programmed to take us to another world." Robot replied. "What other world? That's impossible, that- it- it's- AH! I CAN'T THINK!" Monster said, accidentally falling out of the window (and story). "Well, that's something we should never do again." He shrugged and went back to work.
It was 11:00 PM after testing out the door with no luck for the past few hours. He tried again, but not even a spark appeared. After 30 more failed attempts, he reliezed he need a new battery. "Monster, can you- Oh you fell through the window," he quickly remembered.
He had a new battery.  He plugged it in to the door. It started to work. "IT WORKS! IT WORKS!" he cheeered. A strange creature stepped through the door. It looked like an Organic, only different. "What is that?" Robot wondered. "I don't know!" Monster replied. "How'd you get here?!" Robot shouted. "I also don't know that!" Monster shouted back. After getting questions out of the way, Robot looked at the creature, paying attention to it's physical appearance. It had black and brown hair, a red jacket, and black pants and shoes. Its skin was pale, unlike any Organic he'd seen. His eyes were also very strange. White with blue in the center and black pupils. The creature had no eyelashes, and its hair was short, so Robot guessed it was male. "Who are you?" Robot asked. "Oh, hey. I'm Taylor, a human. Not that you've heard of them. I can tell by the way you're all staring at me." He said.
To Be Continued

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