Heaven Kent is the shy, artistic cyborg friend of Robot and Monster.


Heaven Kent



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*Name: Heaven Keint *Age: 25 *Gender: Female *Species: Organical/Cyborg *Personality:outgoing when around 2 or less friends,enthusiastic,helpful,artistic *Occupation(s) place: Plaza and Home *Home: Studio Apartment next to Robot and Monster's... *occupation: Artist and part time inventor *Community's thoughts: most people find her friendly, but some like to beat her up and bully her. Mostly beat her up to the point of a coma. *Friends: Bob(Boss), Nessie(coffee distributor), monster(buddy),...people who respect and like her *Enemies: People who beat her up, Crikey, Gart(teases her), Perry, Loudmouth *Voice: Izzy Denoa off of L.I.F.E Youtube channel *Most Likely Found: Drawing in her studio, being beat up, walking around with headphones on, hanging with the friends she could find


Cyborg apperence, a musty yellow colored skin and rusty gold metal on her mechanical side. She has short, wavy hair and wears black shirts with cute sayings on them. She also wears jeans and socks. She never takes off her cross, litte robot necklace, and above the influence necklace.

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