Name: Goldpaw

Rank: Apprentice

Mentor: Justiceclaw

Origin: Robot and Monster>>Dirty Money>Gart


Goldpaw is a very yellow-colored, long-furred, golden tomcat. He is almost as large as Litterfoot.


Goldpaw is happy and a little selfish.


  • He was welcomed into SparkClan on April 26, 2013.
  • If he stands too close to his brother, Neonpaw, their fur will give of a blinding glow.
  • He is the first cat to have an origin of just Gart in a LONG time. (I mean, a REALLY LONG time)
  • Like almost all apprentices, his warrior name is pre-planned.
    • His warrior name is Goldspray.
    • It was given to him because in Dirty Money we see Gart using gold spray.
    • He will be the first cat to have the suffix -spray in their name.
    • His warrior name explains why he has a sparkling pelt, although his pelt is naturally sparkling.
  • He is one of the first four cats from an unaired episode. The other three are Neonpaw, Brokenpaw, and Moneypaw.
  • His name is similar to Goldenfoot's when the Clan was founded, his is Goldpaw and hers was Goldenpaw.
    • His creator often gets their names confused, and she even typed "Goldenpaw" instead of "Goldpaw" in the appearance section while making the page, but it was taken out after she noticed it.
  • Technically, he is not an official clan member since his creator watched the episode without sound (and partly without captions).
  • He is very good at balanceing things like plates and blinking lights on his nose.
  • He is his creators favorite cat in SparkClan.

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