HNI 0038

1)3DS cameras are horrible with crayon. 2)as you can see, that's Gartress, with many other people

Gartress is from the Genderswap reality. She is the genderswapped version of Gart.

Name created by: ME!!

Appereance created by: ME!!

Now before I can start the next heading, I have to get past this photo so: bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla

Ok, I'm past the photo (I think)


Gartress has a shiny bronze-ish exterior, like Gart. CRAYON COLORING SUCKS!! No, really. I can't color in Gart's exterior. *drops down box of crayons* (we don't have/need a rule about that or Mary Sues {yay! I can make a Mary Sue and talk}, btw) Anyways....She has pink hair, like that wig Moster had in Speak Marf, Speak, light blue eyes, and pointy teeth. Her front is brown, like Gart's, with a white G. Her hands are white. She also has eigth wheels.


Gartress is nicer that Gart. She is actually more like Robot then Gart in her personality. She talks with an Irish/Scottish (whichever on it is, is that even important under this heading? no, but i want it there) accent.


  • Gartress is my OC. She came before everyone else in the Genderswap reality.
  • Gartress's design had many changes, such as:
    • Her eyes used to by white, then silver, then light blue, then silver and red when she's angry, then finally light blue.
    • Her front and G used to be all golden.
    • There was once an idea to take off Gartress's hair, however that was only one of her designs and I didn't like it anyway.
    • Her hands used to be silver.
    • She used to not have fangs when she clodses her mouth, now she does.
  • She is the leader of Genderswap.
  • Her name is Gart with the letters -ress on the end. Gart-ress.
  • When Gart and Robot's genders were swapped, their personalities got swapped to, so Gartress's personality is closer to Robot's than Gart's.
  • This chararcter is fake and she will not appear in the series.

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