Chapter 1, 1

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Hey I just met you                                                                               

A girl walked into the Making Bacon, "May I please have a plate of Bacon" she asked. "Oh sure thing" Nessie said. "How much is it" she asked. A hand was place on the girl's shoulder. "I pay for her meal" someone said.  The girl turned head, was greeted by a warm kind smile, by a default. "I'm Gart Default, who may ask are you" Gart asked. "Tardy, Uh Bells" Tardy asked. Tardy blushed a bit in slight the handsome Mechanical standing before her. Gart kissed her hand, Tardy giggled, "Wow such a gentleman" She said. "I own the blinking light factory" he said. Gart picked her up, "Dont mind if I sweep you off your feet" he asked. Tardy rolled her eyes, "You already did" she said. Gart smiled, "Care for a romantic, dinner" Gart asked. "I will take it" She said.  Gart carried Tardy to his manison, "Eat with my family" Gart said. Gart showed Tardy to her seat. "Well Gart, you have yourself a little girlfriend" Arpa asked. "Whose your family" Arpa asked. "My father is Penedoluem Depot, my Mother is Botress Emberlimbs" Tardy asked. "So i'm Tardy Bells. Depot" "WHAT GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, YOUR A DEPOT" Arpa yelled. "10001001010"  "What, no never met my father, he broke up with my mom, not knowing she was pregrant" Tardy said. "A very likely Story is it not" Arpa yelled. "MOTHER KNOCK IT OFF" Gart yelled. "GART HOW DARE YOU BRING A DEPOT INTO THIS HOUSE, GET HER OUT" Arpa yelled. Tardy began to cry. "Come with me" Gart said. Gart showed Tardy the door, and walked to the door. "I'm sorry about them" Gart said, as he hugged her, meet me at the making Bacon, tomarrow in the morning" Gart added. It became Morning, Gart sat next to Tardy, "I love you" he said. Tardy smile, and hugged Gart. "But we cant date, your a Depot" Gart said. Tardy smile turned to a frown, "Gart please, I love you, I want to be with you, they got to be away, we can see each other" Tardy cried. Gart turned away, "Can I trust you" He said. Tardy placed her hand on Gart's shoulder, "What do you mean" Tardy asked. "Can I trust that you love, and your not out to get the family secret blinking forumla" Gart asked. "I'm not, i promise, if wa out to get the forumla, i wouldnt of  ever told you  who my father was" Tardy said. Gart smiled, "You do have a point there"  Gart said. Gart leaned in for a kiss, but some one screamed, "GART!" Gart eyes opened, "Pendulum Depot" Gart asked. "Get away from daughter" Pendulum Depot screamed. "I just met him yesterday" Tardy said, "That explains it" Gart said.  Pendulum Depot shoved gart, "GET AWAY FROM HER" He screamed again. "TARDY B. DEPOT, YOU GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW, WHEN I TOLD YOU CAN DATE ANYONE, I DIDN'T MEAN A DEFAULT" Pendulum Depot screamed. "I'm telling Mom" Tardy snapped back. "You cant date a default" Botress yelled. "I hate them" she said. Pendulum Depot grabed Tardy's arm, and dragged her away. "GART!" Tardy yelled. "TARDY" Gart screamed back. "Tardy dont scream his name, everyone is looking" Pendulum Depot snapped. 

Tardy was home, Pendulum Depot hugged her, "I'm sorry honey, why you choose another man like that Perry guy, or Criky" Pendulum Depot said. "I dont know about Criky" Botress said. Tardy sighed and went up to her room. Pendulum Depot was saddened by the thought of Tardy being upset, "You have a plan dont you" Botress said. "Yes" Pendulum Depot said. moments passed, Pendulum Depot walked into Tardy's room. "Tardy" he said. Pendulum Depot was surprised when a pillow was thrown, at him. "Go away" Tardy mummbled went her face on a pillow, "Honey get your face off of that pillow" Pendulum Depot said. "What" Tardy snapped. "I know how upset you were about Gart, so i arranged you a married with K.o Deceptions" Pendulum Depot said. K.o walked into the room. "Ello Sweetlady" K.o said. "I dont want to marry him" Tardy said. "Marriage, you didnt say any thing about Marriage" K.o said. "If you marry my daughter I will Make your name big" Pendulum Depot said. "I rather a default do that my name will be bigger" K.o said. "DONT MENITION DEFAULT" Pendulum Depot snapped. Tardy sighed, :"But i will do it" K.o said.

Chapter 2 Forbidden from you

Tardy she sleeping in her bed, until she heard a sound. A robber she thought. "Tardy" Someone said. Tardy went to the went, she almost screamed. "Gart" she said. Gart climbed to her window balcony. "Why were you climbing, the Balcony" Tardy asked. "Why wouldn't I? to see the girl I love" Gart said. "Father is forcing me Marry someone else" Tardy said. Gart smile turned into a frown, "What" he said. "I know but I love you" Tardy said. Gart grabed by the hand, Meet me uh,uh,in the Making Bacon, I gotta go someone coming" Gart said. Gart left, the balcony. The door opened, "Honey why are you up" Botress asked. "Nerveous, Mother why cant I love Gart" Tardy asked. "Not this again, Hes a no good greedy, aggront,  ruthless, jerk, you dont go near him" Botress yelled. "I'm 26 mom, Dont telling me what to do" Tardy yelled. "If so I could cut you off of the family, you can live on your own" Botress yelled. Tardy turned away, and went back to bed. morning came, Tardy woke, went to the making Bacon. "Gart" she said. Gart hugged her, "Hows my girl, there going to cut me off, if they see us together" Tardy said. Gart lowered his head, "My family will too" Gart said. Tardy eyes filled with tears, "I,I" Tardy said. Gart kissed her, "GART!" Robot yelled.  Robot smirked, "I'm telling Mom" he said. "DONT" Gart yelled. Gart grabed Robot, "Please" Tardy said. Robot smirked "Heheh, I won't" Robot said. Gart kissed Tardy, "I love you" he said. Sweeped Tardy off her feet, kissed her again.

Gart was home, "Gart Robot told me, what you did" Arpa snapped. "Di-did What" Gart said. "You been dating that Depot girl" Arpa snapped. "Mother I love her" Gart said. "I dont care Gart, She just going to steal the blinking light forumla, we live like Poor people" Arpa said. "Not Poor people"Gart said. "Yes poor people" Arpa said. "I dont care if I become Poor, I LOVE HER!" Gart snapped. "Besides I dont beileve she wants that formula"Gart said. "No" Arpa snapped. "PLEASE MOTHER, OR I WILL KILL MYSELF" Gart snapped. Arpa sighed, "Ok"

Chapter 3 Twisted Heart

Gart invited Tardy to his manison. "Some this is a proper dinner" Gart said. Tardy smiled. "Remeber be nice Mother" Gart said. "I'll try" Arpa said. Gart kissed Tardy, "This bacon is tasty" Tardy said. "Suck up" Arpa said. "MOTHER!" Gart snapped. Tardy grabbed Gart's hand. Tardy released her grip and fell back smashed her head on the chair. "TARDY YOU OK" Gart said. her voice changed. "Yeeeeeees,MAAAY I USSSEE THHHE BAAAATHROOOM" Tardy said. Tardy began to sneak around, until she found the blinking light factory. "Yeees" she said. "1010000101010" Grandma yelled. Smacking her on the head with her cane. Arpa and Gart ran into the room. "Told you Gart" Arpa said. "Tardy?" Gart said. "Wh-why?" Gart said. A boom sound came, a hole was blown into the celling, Penduleom depot grabed Tardy, 'Thanks, Tardy" Penduleom Depot said. Everyone grabed, Penduleom depot and tardy was on a blimp. "Why Tardy, I trusted you" Gart said. "IIII NEVVER LOOOOVED YOUUUU" Tardy said. "Youuu thiiink annnyyy oneee wooonnnnt" Tardy added. Gart eyes filled with tears, Gart grabed a gun. Penduleom Depot eyes widen. "DONT SHOOT MY DAUGHTER!" He yelled. "I'm not going to aim at her" Gart said. Penduleom Depot steped back, "DONT SHOOT MY EITHER" He yelled. "Not shooting you either" Gart said. "Than Who are you going to shoot" Penduleom Depot said. Until Penduleom Depot relized, "GART DONT" Penduleom Depot Yelled. "Please Gart, not like this, think of your family" Penduleom Depot. "Gart?" Arpa said. "Who are you going to shoot?" Arpa said. "ARPA YOUR SO STUPID YOU DARN WELL KNOW WHO HES GOING TO SHOOT" Penduleom Depot yelled. "No Gart, Dont shoot me" Arpa snapped. "Arpa think, just trying to deny it" Penduleom Depot said. Arpa closed her eyes, she heard a bang, "I'm alive" she said. "Mother" she said. turning her head to Grandma, her mouth, her eyes widen, as she turn to Gart. "Gart!" she screamed. Gart eyes were closed, and he fell back, hit the ground. With a hole in his heart. "No this is all my Fault!, I didnt know he would Kill himself" Penduleom Depot cried. Tardy eyes widen, "What happened, FATHER!" Penduleom Depot said. "THIS ALL MY FAULT I BRAINWASHED Tardy into stealing the  Formula, she never wanted to steal it, i made her say all those things, about hating Gart" Penduleom Depot screamed. Tardy turned her head and saw Gart dead. Tardy jumped from the Blimp, rushing over to Gart. "GART!" she cried. "GET AWAY" Arpa cried. Tardy pushed her way to Gart. She grabed Gart's hand, and cried. "I love you, I dont hate you, Please forgive me, my father brainwashed me, I would rather be a Default not a Depot" Tardy cried. Tardy grabed the gun next to gart, "You cant hear me, But you can hear me Now" She cried. Tardy took the gun and shot her heart, she fell back and landed next to Gart. Penduleom Depot began to cry. "Atleast I have, wait the Forulma" he said. Arpa eyes widen, when she found, The formula, sticking out of Gart hack. Arpa grabed the Formula, and read it, On the back to wrote

"I'm sorry I was brainwashed, I always loved your Son, Gart, Tell my Father I'm sorry, I just cant live on without Gart.

Arpa took the formula back, she grabed the gun. "Mother tell Robot, I'm dead" Arpa said. "101001" Grandma said. "I know I'm alive" Arpa said. "Just tell I killed myself, and that Gart did as well" Arpa said. "1011" Grandma said. Arpa shoot herself in the heart, "0010" Grandma screamed.

Grandma knocked on Robot apartment door. "Grandma what is it" Robot said. "HI Robot's Grandma" Monster said. "01000101010010111000010" Grandma said. "WHAT!" Robot yelled. Tears rolled down Robot's face, "I cant believe i'm even crying about them" Robot said. 'WHAT HAPPENED" Monster said. "MY MOTHER, AND GART KILLED THEMSELF" Robot said. "WHAT I'M SO SORRY ROBOT" Monster said. "00001" Grandma said. "SO DID TARDY BELLS" Robot said. Grandma left the apartment, "I cant believe, there Dead" Robot said. "I know" Monster siad. "I been wishing Gart to die, but not like this, and now i am thinking about it, I dont wish he was dead" Robot said.



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