Snow: *In my little pony world* Where am I, *sees fluttersky* Hello?  Snow: Where am I


Hi snow I'm Fluttershy     * Skyfeather: Hi i'm Skyfeather,  Snow: Hi, i'm little nervous, I pretty Shy     

  •  Fluttershy: me too


  •  skyfeather: Well i'm new here as well, AW COOL BUDDIES, YOU TOO HAVE SOME STUFF IN COMMON!


  •  5:01pm Fluttershy: ^^ yay



 Snow: *giggles* Wonder why     

  •  Fluttershy: idk


  • Skyfeather: I KNOW IT'S A MYSTERY!

 Snow: Looks off in the distance,Whats that Its a  Skyfeather: MECHANICAL PONY!!     

  •  Fluttershy: O_O


  • Skyfeather: Your right Fluttershy, your facial expression, Its it all away *steps back*

 Skyfeather: *Flies* We need tell princess celsenia (cant spell her name)  Snow: Why im a Mechanical  Skyfeather: ya but not a Mechanical Pony, from Decpetia     

  • Fluttershy: wow


  • Mechanical Pony: reachs them, *lands on the ground* growls* Hello Orangics, Names Starscream!

 Starscream: *comes closer*, mwahahaha, *SMIRKS*, AND SITS DOWN  Starscream: I'M NEW HERE     

  •  Fluttershy: I remember you Starscream

 Rainbow Dash defeated you once     

  •  Starscream: really?

 Starscream: Who?     

  •  Fluttershy: I said Rainbow Dash


  •  Starscream: Oh Rainbow Dash, I was young!

 Starscream: I'm older, stronger     

  •   Fluttershy: yeah




  • Yeah she swallowed your cube


  • Starscream: what cube the All spark


  • Fluttershy: No your inner core


  •  Starscream: I dont have a cube


  • Fluttershy: oh

 Derpy Hooves: Now I know what went wrong     

  •  Starscream: *smashes claws into Ground*     

  • Rainbow Dash: yes *from the back*


  • Starscream: *spends wings out* Flys up*


  •  Rainbow Dash: Well he's gone

 Fluttershy: yeah     

  •  Starscream: Dives back down, "Hey Snow"

 Snow: Starscream?! is that you *hugs him*     

  •  Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy: ?


  •  Starscream: How ya been

 Starscream: HEY RAINBOW DASH!     

  • Rainbow Dash: huh?


  •  Starscream: *smirks and shakes Grey Mane*


  • Rainbow Dash: ?


  •  Starscream: * Flys up and hovers above them*

 Starscream: shoots a Missle in the Air and it explodes into a firework     

  •  Rainbow Dash: wow *looks in amazment*

 Wait a minute     

  •  ya

 Starscream: Dives back down, and lands on feet     

  •  Rainbow Dash: You copyed my sonic rainboom


  •  Starscream: No one owns the Sonic Rainboom

 Starscream: I CAME FROM THAT PORTAL IN THE HUMAN WORLD  Starscream: we call that a Firework  Starscream: *grabs a suit from his side*  Starscream: check it out  Skyfeather: Oh my gosh, Is that a wonderbolt, suit  Starscream: yes, I got it from them, I'm one of WonderBolts, went thought Training     

  •  Rainbow Dash: yeah. Some day I will become a Wonderbolt.


  •  Starscream: Is was easy for me,

 Starscream: Flies over, and does a barrel roll,     

  •  Rainbow Dash: wow. Really? This is for pegasi only. XD


  • Starscream: laughs, I could get you in a spot as one! I;m good friends with them especally Spitefire, I'm a Alicorn,

 Starscream: Hey said I was so good, they would make an conception     

  •  Rainbow Dash: okay


  •  Starcream: throws a wonderbolt suit


  •  Rainbow Dash: *puts on my Wonderbolt camp uniform*


  •  Starcream: laughs, flies over to the Wonderbolt,

 Spitfire: hey Starscream back so soon  Starscream:I already finished Flight Practice     

  • Rainbow Dash: Hi Spitfire


  •  Spitfire: so soon, RAINBOW DASH GOOD TO SEE YOU,


  •  Rainbow Dash: *hugs Spitfire*


  •  Starscream: ya, Actually I did three times

 Spitfire: hugs rainbow dash, Wow, you might end taking my place,  Starscream: hahaha not planing on it  Spitfire: My top two people Starscream and Rainbowdash why dont you two just take a tagteam flight run with Skyfeather, and Sandstorm  There my top two Students     

  •  Rainbow Dash: Am I still lead pony?


  •  Spitfire: ya

 Dont mind do ya Starscream  Starscream: not at all  Starscream: give her in spot light     

  •  Rainbow Dash: okay ^^


  •  Starscream: Ready

 Spitfire: Sandstorm Your lead pony for Skyfeather  Starscream: flies up where should we Start to fly first     

  •  Rainbow Dash: idk


  • Starscream: to the moutain,


  •  Rainbow Dash: okay *flies to mountain*


  •  Starscream: *sees a tornado rip though applejack's apple farm* Well Hate to be them

 Applejack: *On the ground* running getting chased by the Torando *screams* Help  Starscream: Wow, Woah hate to be her, Rainbow look     

  •  Rainbow dash: O_O


  •  Starscream: We need to pick up speed for this one, the wind can be hard in the moutains

 Starscream: *starts to pick up speed*     

  •  Rainbow Dash: *picks up speed*


  • Starscream: The cold wind beats on his winds,

 Starscream: Does a sonic rainboom, but its Grey instead of rainbow color     

  •  Rainbow Dash: *loses control*


  • Starscream: dives down and grabs her,

 Starscream: *wind blows them to the forest* *both of them lands in a tree*     

  • Rainbow Dash: me. Thanks


  • Starscream: your welcome

 Starscream: opens head from leaves *cough* Yuck taste gross  Starcream: helps rainbow dash out of the tree     

  • Rainbow Dash: ;) thanks.........again


  •  Starscream: *holds out hand* No hard feelings, about when we first met, and we had the battle

 Starscream 0_0     

  •  Rainbow Dash: yeah


  •  Starscream: *sees the torando* come closer

 Starscream: *opens up wings* RUN     

  • Rainbow dash: O_O *runs away*


  •  Starscream: gets sucked up in Toranado

 Starscream: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  Starscream: starts to flap his wings,   

  • Rainbow Dash: *flies in air*


  •  Starscream: *spins around in torando* Starts to fly around in circles until he does A grey sonic rainboom, breaks Torando

 Starscream: loses control and lands into the ground  making a gaint Crater     

  • Rainbow Dash: O_O


  •  Starscream: *lies liveless in crator*


  •  Rainbow Dash: Oh no Starscream

 *gets you out of crater*  you okay     

  •  Starscream *doesnt speak*


  •  Rainbow Dash: Here I'll take you back. *takes you back to camp*


  •  Spitfire: what happened

 Spitfire: MEDIC  Knockout: runs  Knockout: what happened  Spitfire: i dont know  Spitfire: Rainbow dash what happened     

  • Rainbow Dash: A crater hit Starscream and he got hurt



 Spitfire: this is bad!!!     

  •  Rainbow Dash: yes


  •  Starscream: *wakes up*

 Starscream: hey     

  •  Rainbow Dash: Starscream!!! *hugs*

 you okay?     

  • Starscream: Ya, I took worst blows than that


  •  Rainbow Dash: okay good


  •  Starscream: *kisses rainbowdash*

 Knockout: HOLY GOLLY MOLLY     

  •  Rainbow Dash: O_O *blushes*


  •  Starscream: *flies up* Nods to Rainbow Dash and zooms off see ya lady


  • Rainbow Dash: Uh........Starscream


  • Starscream: is that your friend


  •  Rainbow Dash: yeah.............kinda


  • Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie pie, Fluttershy, and spike come along

 PinkiePie: Anything NEW!  Spike: well I found a gem  Applejack: A Torando blew my ranch  Rarity: MADE A DARLING NEW DRESS BEAT THAT!!  Twilight: Made a awsome Potion better  Futtershy: Saved Three squirrels,  Twilight: What happened with you Rainbow DASH     

  • Rainbow Dash: I was training with Starscream


  •  TWILIGHT: any thing else

 Rarity: seems lame, mine was better  Applejack: no mine was  Pinkie pie: Mine was better   

  •  Rainbow Dash: Well nothing else


  •  Twilight: I can tell there was something else, your always have Great adventures


  •  rainbow Dash: A tornado came by and Starscream got hurt


  •  Twilight: Anything else

 Applejack: that was my TORANDO THAT GOT ME     

  • Rainbow Dash: I brought Starscream back and he was okay


  •  Twilight: anything else


  • Rainbow Dash: *blushes* ummmm...............nothing else


  •  twilight: WHY ARE YOU BLUSHING


  •  Rainbow Dash: It's nothing you guys


  • TWILIGHT: ok

 knockout: *steps in* IT AINT NOTHING ALL RIGHT, IT WAS SOMETHING  Knockout: sorry rainbow i'm just a jerk like that  twilight: what are you taling about   

  • Rainbow Dash: It's okay


  •  Knockout: didnt know Rainbow dash was Chicken Dash

 Twilight: Stop it     

  •  Rainbow Dash: quit it


  •  Knockout: Chicken Dash, Chicken dash

 Everyone: LEAVE HER ALONE  Spitfire: Knockout stop it  Knockout: No tell them Tell them about Starscream     

  • Rainbow Dash: *almost sheds a tear*


  • Someone screams KNOCKOUT STOP IT

 Starscream: flies down  Starscream: grabs Knockout  Knockout: no not the paint job     

  •  Rainbow Dash: *watches*


  •  Starscream: *throws knockout to the ground*

 Starscream: I forgot my waterbottle  Starscream: grabs waterbottle and drips it  Starcream: drinks it     

  •  Rainbow Dash: *still watching*


  •  Knockout: *wraps Starscream's wings in a rope* and throws him off the cloud

 Starscream: KNOCKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Starscream" *telports* higher in the sky, with ropes off wings* Starts to fly     

  • Rainbow Dash: O_O


  •  Starscream: flies up

 Knockout: chicken dash chicken dash, Whos going to save you Starscream  Knockout: I dont think so  Starscream: Knockout STOP IT  Knockout: flees aay  Starscream: RAINBOW YOU OK     

  •  Rainbow Dash: *cries*


  •  Starscream: what happened!

 Everybody: Rainbowdash YOU OK     

  •  Rainbow Dash: He called me chicken dash


  • Starscream: Thats Knockout for you, I have to Work for him for a living, Dont worry Spitfire Will handle him, If her husband doesnt get to him first

 everyone: YOU HAVE A HUSBAND  Spitfire: ya, surprise  twilight: who is your husband  Spitfire: Megatron     

  •  Rainbow Dash: O_O what?


  •  Starscream: ya hes the boss, this flight skills are the best out of all where in any realm

 Starscream: he could of broke that torando with smashing into the ground like I did

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