Snow walked into Robot and Monster's apartment, "Hello?" Snow said. The room was dark, no a inch of Light, She felt a grasp. Someone was grabing her Arm. "AHHHHHHHHHHH" Snow smacked the Dark figure. "Ow!" The Shady Figure said. "Monster?!" Snow gasped. Monster turn on the light. Monster creep closer, he grab her arm. Pulling her closer, he gave her a smooch on the lips. "Monster!" Snow yelled. Snow smacked him on the face. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" She screamed. Monster eyes fill with tears. "Wha? Why did you Smack me" He cried. TimeWork was there, he hissed at Monster. "Did you DARE TO ASK HER" Timework snapped. "Monster I only like you as a Friend, not a boyfriend, besides I like AeroDactta" Snow said. "WHAT THEN WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS AROUND ME GETING CLOSE TO ME" Monster sceamed. Monster rage got the best of him, "YOUR SUCH A JERK!" Monster screamed. Monster walked closer. Timeworks ran in front of him, "Keep away" TimeWorks. Monster shoved TimeWorks aside. TimeWorks bit down on Monster's arm. "AHHHHHHHHHH" mosnter cried. TimeWorks tasted Monster's blood, "Yum" He said. TimeWork, started to Change, into a Beast. "HMM" He licked his Sharp Dagger like teeth, with his Fork slimy Vemonous Dragonlike Touge, his Wings were sharper, his tail razor feathers were Sharper. TimeWorks, rawred, he tried to bit Monster again, and again, Before TimeWorks turned back into his normal self

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