Robot and Gart


Smart, orange

Thinking, smashing, exploding

Inventor, genius, villian, miser

Torturing, laughing, buying

Evil, gaudy


Monster and Robot


Kind, tall

Singing, skipping, smiling

Optimist, fool, outcast, DeFault

Insulting, inventing, exploding

Serious, short



Golden flakes are falling,

Winter is not calling,

This gold is not the good kind,

It's not what it should be like,

Winter is cancled, I fear,

Wait! Is that a window up there?

It's just gold spray falling out,

Why do I see summer clouds?

These people, I don't know who they are,

But they seem, so firmiliar,

Like my child, or my childs's best friend,

Or myself in the future,

Is that where I aaaaam?!

Colored shows are showing,

Blinking bulbs are glowing,

What is this new stuff in here?

Where are my friends, oh so dear?

Racing blimps are really loud,

Cutting through these summer clouds,

Have I ran, away for this long?

Even when, I haven't at all,

No snow is falling, not ever again,

This is a cruel future,

Is that where I aaaaam?!

~~By: Younger Arpa, titled "Golden Flashings"

Cold rain, cruel rain, red rain, blue rain,

Any rain is not like sadness,

Voilets, daisies, roses, tulpis,

Any flower's not like love,

But what love is like, the starts in the night?

Ever so clear, but you just can't share....

Who you aaaaare?

Oh, who am I?

Letting my-y brother fall,

To this cru-el li-i-ife?

It's all my fault,

Why can't I fall?

I swear I'll just...stand out here and die,

Freeze me in the snow tonight!

~~By:O, titled "Cold-flakes"

Is a way to fo-ollow, all the ways we a-all go,

And a way to know-oh-oh, All the things we all know-oh,

If we could just think 'bout what we have in common,

Walk on the roads that we all are foll'win'

If you'd sit back and take a look,

You'd see the chaos is off the hook,

~~By: Gart (Perry's son, not canon), titled "The Way"

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