A few tears fell from O's eyes as he wrote his next letter. He put in an 80 dollars and 15 cents, exactly what Robot had requested. Robot suspected he was Ogo, but wrote back anyway, so he could actualy have a queit conversation. Of course, he wasn't Ogo. In fact he came from a very rich family, one which Robot despised. He was a very cruel man on the outside, which he hated, but he could only show a few people his true self. His assistant, Ogo, who helped him keep in contact with Robot, his father, and his wife, Plancton. He sealed the envelope, with tape rather than licking it, his tounge was still sore from the recent torture in his dreams. He suspected it was from someone of greater power, someone who watched his every move, created the world in which he lived. He knew that this someone was evil, and a strange species, Organic, but different. He had only seen a glimpse of her face. She had medium-length red hair, dark purple eyeshadow, orange eyes, surrounded by white, with black in the center of the color, a combination of and Organic's and Mechanical's, perhaps, but definitely strange. Her lips were a dark red, almost black. She had pale skin, almost white, and it was strange, no fur like an Organic would have, but not metal like a Mechanical. Only Ogo had actualy seen her outside of a dream. He said he had a picture of her on his camera he had taken when strange footage had appeared. Ogo had sent him the picture, and he would look at it, after he finished his next letter to Robot. He placed the stamp, a picture of Arpa, on the corner of the envelope, rolling up the sleve of his cloak in the process, then placed it on the table next to him. He then picked up the second envelope, a larger one, sent to him from Ogo. He opened it, wondering what deatails he would find in the photo of the strange girl. He pulled out a large photo of a white room, on one side contianers of water, no, lemonade, were being placed onto a conveyor belt from a ramp coming from the ceiling. On the other side, there were strange creatures, wings, fur, four legs, and manes and tails, all in many colors, were sitting on stools, working on what looked like arrows with the points made from candy. In the center was a tall girl, the same one he'd seen in his dream, in a black and purple dress that only revealed the purple front of her boots, and a black and purple hat. She was talking to one of the odd creatures, which stood on three of it's four legs, it's fur was mint green, it's mane and tail brown. It wore a labcoat, and in one of it's front legs was a clipboard. They were in some kind of factory, making lemonade and turning it into arrowheads, to make some form of arrow. He guessed the lemonade was poisonous, and the arrows were used to poison people. He noticed in one of the containers was a pink-ish purple liquid, which looked a lot like grape juice. He had no idea what it was for, but he knew they were plotting something evil.

O knocked on Ogo's door. He wanted to see the footage he had of the strange girl. "Hello! O, if I knew you were coming, I would've baked a cake!" Ogo said, opening a door. "But, you didn't bake a cake, and you were supposed too." O comented. "Well, I didn't have time! Now, why are you here?" Ogo asked. "I'm here to see the footage you have of the strange girl." O replied. "Okay. Follow me." Ogo said, leading O the his computer. "You know, I've started calling her I.Scipy." "Why?" O asked, one eye widening in confusion. "Because that's what the talking pony said!" Ogo told him. "Now, let me show you the footage." Ogo hit a few keys on his computer. "So they're called ponies..." O said to himself, while Ogo looked for the footage. "Here it is!" Ogo said, hitting a button on his computer. The same photo O had seen before came on screen. This time, the girl spoke. "So, have you prepaired the arrows yet? We need to be ready when they come for us." "Yes." The pony nodded. "But, I.Scipy, I have a feeling we're being watched." I.Scipy turned to face the camera. "Someone is watching, yes, but we have no intentions of harming them." "Yes, but you torture that one in his dreams." "I do, yes, but that is all I do. They should not worry. Nothing is happening of them." O was shocked. "They... They're being attacked!" He said. "We have to help them!" "We can't!" Ogo replied. "How do you expect us to find them?!" And with that, O was angered. He narrowed his eyes and slapped Ogo, his sleeve uncovering his normally covered hand. "O!" Ogo shrieked, one of his claws on his face in pain. But O left without caring. He turned around and slammed the door.

As O opened the door, a cloud of black smoke appeared, then cleared, revealing a girl, she looked like I.Scipy, but her eyes were green, her lips were pink, she had no eyeshadow, and she was wearing a green and gold outfit. "Gart." She said, pushing his hood off of his head, revealing his round, white eyes. "You know me, don't you. I am I.Scipy, a creator of a dimension far different, yet similar, to this one. I know you want to help, but we've been attacked before, don't worry about us, we will be fine. Apologise to your friend, Gart." Gart nodded, no longer woorying about the safety of I.Scipy and her friends.

Years later, while wondering through the dark streets, he found a girl lying on the ground. He gasped as he quickly recognised her. I.Scipy! She wasn't breathing, and there was a deep cut in her throat. There was a note in her hand, it read:

Dear, whoever finds me

I have wandered here after the attack on my kingdom, just to say we've failed to keep you're memory alive. I have been attacked and wounded badly, by someone known as Eliv. 'Eliv was brought to my kingdom by my good friends Robo, Toad, Carter, and Nursebelle. But then she turned evil, and destroyed us. They must know it was not their fault. You see, Eliv became dark, because of me. know Nursebelle has another kingdom in a distant land. And there is another one to remember you.

But me and Robo put hard work into this kingdom. We were a failure. But we stayed strong, and gained fans.

Eliv first harmed us by killing Toad. I tried to do the same to her, I tried to banish her, I tried to capture her, at least

But I failed.

My friends from another kingdom, who's creator I only met once, came to help me. Their names were Gia and Meme. And let's just say, a life was lost.

Eliv has now teamed up with Luigi. And they are trying to rule the world Gia protects. Don't try to stop them, you will fail.

Just stay strong.

You may find your true self dying,

But stay strong.

And never, ever, forget this.

Invader Scipy

Hey guys! I decided to give you all a shout-out, and RnM Wiki and IZSF (not that you care about IZSF or anything). I did this because you're my friends, and you're so awesome that you just had to appear in one of my stories. No, I do not hate you, Toad. And no, I don't hate Meme either. Eliv is just evil. That's where I got her name from, actually. :P Anyway... Who is Eliv? Why did she turn evil? Why does I.Scipy think she's the reason Nursebelle left? Why am I telling you that? Why am I asking YOU these questions? Why???? Idk. :P Will this be continued? That depends on how many people want me to continue this. And no, no users from the canon wiki are going to appear if I continue this. And no, I will NEVER say something as meaningful as that letter. NEVER! I'm just not like that, I think. :P And this is gettin' long. Oh! One other thing I noticed: When I write stories, the paragraphs get shorter as the story goes on. For example, look at the first paragraph and compare it to the last. That letter was still pretty long though. I never intended for it to be that long. Or this. Well, bye. :P "It would be so very DULL if your journey ended so easily... Instead, it ends with...magic!" ~Dimentio- Super Paper Mario (talk)

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