Some attributes
Name Crystaline Packers
Age 21
Favorite Food Fried Chicken
Pensonality She sweet Nice, but she cares for people more than she does to her self.
Color Red
Race mechanical
Wealth Poor in robot and monster's world

Rich on Earth

Friends Robot

Monster Perry Nessie Spitfire JD

Enemies Globitha

Crikey Grandma (robot's grandma) Arpa

Love Interest Robot


Jobs Blinking Light factory
Mother Unknown
Father Unkown
GrandMother Robot


Grandfather unkown
Other Family Speedy, Sparky, Dexico, Chirstine, Wolfsong, Eaglewing (all her inventions)
Hobbies Likes to invent things (better than robot)
Others Unknown
NAME: CRYSTALINE PACKERS                      
IMG 2044

This is Crystaline Packers

Age: 21 born 2992

current time period: 3013

BIO: Crystaline Packers is a time traveling Robot from Earth, she was invented to                                                          PROTECT THE HUMANS (FAILED) SHE A INVENTOR HER SELF, STRONGIEST MECHANICAL ALIVE, SHE ISNT MUCH BUT IS YOUR SAVIOR. Some people think she just has too much of an ego. But she should she safed your life, you may not know but she did. many times she saved your life. This is now the proud owner of the tardis (tardis). She worked along aside the doctor, was telported through a portal to Robot and Monster world, where she own lives with Robot and Monster in their Apartment, She is the future wife of Gart Default, and Mother of Gears default. Crystaline can beat Criky in fight, a Cyber monkey, no prob. Perry, Ogo, Gart, Robot,Loudmouth, Criky, and Monster all have a crush on her. Her boyfriend before Gart was the one and only Starscream (transformers prime) She was once kidnapped and forced to do tests in apterture science, but was freed by GLADOS who made her make her a suit of armor, If Robot and Monster didnt chase her boyfriends away, than Sparky one of her inventions would and no hes not a dog,

Doctor notes: I been with Crystaline for few bodies, (deaths regenerations). She know how to listen and does what ask most of the time. She will do the most dangerous things, for her uh own amusment, like jumping off a side of a mountain. I scream and ask her why, she says replies, danger is the fun of adventure, and turn. Her inventing skills, almost supasses that of a timelord. I dont understand these Mechanical and there voices, but she was the first i ever seen with own will, and without a silly in voice, with out being an organic's puppet. Like she always says. The Adventure not intended is the most dangerous and important. and she was right. Until she fell into the void and died ....

(No she didnt die she keep her eye closed and ended up in robot and monster's world)

Aperance: Shiny Red, Slender two leg (humaniod mechanical) female, wheels on her feet like those old healie shoes, light blue eyes and dark blue pupils.

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She's next to the dalek

HNI 0067 That's AMAZING!!
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