A bright, white light shone into the yellow eyes of Robot Default, a relatively young, squat orange mechanical, traveling first the left eye then the right, “He’s responsive…finally responsive…” A male voice said cheerfully. Robot let the world sharpen in a clear focus before letting it sink in. Beside him stood the man who spoke, a fairly short(but taller than Robot)  mechanical with glowing red pupils that searched for an answer to Robot’s awakening, even when he pushed up his glasses, and bright, green polished metal. ,” Why, Hello there…I’m glad to see you up and running…” he grinned. Robot smiled briefly, and slightly chuckled, “Heh, yeah.” He yawned slightly, “What…what happened?” Robot questioned the mechanical. Fatigue riddled his body like bullets, plunging his body into a deep, dark cavern. The doctor grabbed the clipboard by the end of the bed, giving Robot a not so clear view of the male’s name…something along the lines of Andy something another,  “Hm, you’ve been in a coma for a while…lucky for you that you woke up before we pulled the plug, huh?” He smirked. Robot glared at Andy, the sentence not remotely close to humorous. Andy went quiet, the hum of machinery filling the silence, then looked back down at Robot’s charts, “So...uh…” he murmured, “We’ll be keeping you here for another year, just to make sure that you don’t have any brain damage…” Brain Damage?! “But get your rest…you’re really going to need it.”Brain…damage? Andy put the clipboard back into its place, then strolled out, escaping Robot’s view by going into another room, perhaps with another patient in it. Did his doctor really just say brain damage? How long was he in the coma? Why did he even go into one? The stress of those questions began to raise his heart rate and respiration, so a flock of concerned nurses swarmed into the room. He felt the sting of a needle in his arm as he sighed, and each neurotic nurse left, one by one. He closed his eyes, and wondered where Monster, Heaven, and the rest of his friends were. Maybe Monster dragged out Heaven just a few hours before he woke up…That might have been the case.

//Strange.exe The months blurred like a lazy watercolor to Robot in the hospital...every week brought up a world of loneliness, neither Heaven nor Monster coming o see him. Questions still lingered in the air like a musty perfume. What happened to him? Why had no one come to visit him? Robot attempted to push the thoughts out of his head, but it was useless. He felt lonely, even though he was always greeted by a friendly nurse or doctor, and his mind wondered why they didn't come. Heaven was always checking up on him, even if he wanted her to or not. It was a comfort that he never missed....until now. The small squeak she let out when she found him and the small, delighted smile she made when he talked about his inventions. Robot tried to imagine what the duo would be doing of they were with him currently...Monster would be as sanguine as usual, trying to make heaven and him happy and laugh, while Heaven would be continuously vexed about his medical status, her mechanical hand clenching a bundle of her short, dark brown hair by her scalp as her black organic and brown glass mechanical eye worriedly scanned each screen and chart, not saying a word. Eventually, Monster would envelop her in his arms, and cradle her like a big brother would, reminding her that Robot would be leaving tomorrow and that everything would go alright, rocking her gently. To Robot's dismay, the duo wasn't here, fretting about medical diagnosis treatment and talking about Robot's next invention idea...In reality, he was laying a white hospital bed, looking through two of the four large, glass windows, watching the nurses’ station alone, the only sound was the dripping of the IV and muffled sound of medical jargon. His brother wheeled through the front entrance, his face darkened in worry. He began saying something, but Robot couldn't tell what. Robot leaned forward, trying to get a better view of what was happening. Gart pointed to the entrance, where Heaven came in limping, her left pant leg stained dark brown and staining the floor with her oil/blood...whatever she was made up of...she was a cyborg after all. She patted Gart's shoulder, and then said something in an inaudible voice to the nurse, which, in turn, made the nurse jump up in panic and take off out of Robot's view. Gart went silent, and looked up at Heaven, his face tense with worry. She just placed her organic hand on his cheek, and smiled, pained but calm, "It's okay. It'll be okay Garters..." Confusion bloomed like springtime roses in Robot's mind. Heaven would be in a panic right now, and Gart wouldn't even be here...he doesn't even care about Heaven. Too oversensitive, too delicate...Why was Gart so worried? Something was amiss here...and it wasn't that Heaven was hurt. She always got hurt, whether it'd be from tripping over a pebble or falling off a building. Heaven sighed with sympathy for Gart, and kissed him gently before being lead off by a nurse to get her leg to be taken care of....They just kissed and Gart didn't refuse. The confusion tightened around him like a snake, taking his breath away. He had to think...take from the situation and think. His overbearing, egotistical, and brutal brother just kissed his oversensitive, fragile, artistic friend....Robot’s eyes were still widened with shock and confusion. Something stranger than fiction was going on....

To be continuted.....

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