Name Catas

Last name: Trophes

Age: 28

Race: Mechanical

Bio: Catas was athletic girl, she was a very lucky girl until her luck change, she was breaking her limbs, finally her gym teacher took her off soccor and vollyball, she was kicked from her house after college, her luck was horrible, after that everyone called her Catastrophic Disaster. She moved from her town, her luck was still horrible, until she met true love, she thought of it as trap, because of her awful luck, She would avoid the guy, Until she met him accidently  bumped into, and a blimp crash on them. They both told each other they sorry, that they had bad luck. They both knew they were the one. She asked him for his name, It was PERRY. She told him her name was athletic, until her luck changed. She told him she loved his smile, she told him, I can move my face, but I just cant seem to smile,and told Perry that hes lucky, that he can even smile, which anger him, and he yell I Hate smiling all the time, she is lucky, and left her. Making Catas's luck even worst,Catas cried, she started to become emo.

Perry never liked her again, after that



Father:  Jack Trophes

Mother:  Clarabelle Trophes aka Northerns

Grandma: Jean Northerns aka Pongs

Grandpa: Jin Northerns

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